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Cheats and Liars


blogging is new to me, so please forgive my boo-boos…lol

Started this blog ’cause I’m sick of seeing liars and cheats get away with their dirty business and never have to “pay the piper”. I know this first-hand, unfortunately. My ex, is on the loose, in Mississauga Ontario. Whether he was married, engaged, single; he was always the player that was looking for the next victim. He lied to, he stole from, he will abuse (both mentally and physically) if it suits his purposes and he has cheated on every woman in his life. EVERY woman….including the young woman he’s marrying in a month. I have proof that this is the case. Readers, your feedback is important to me, any and all comments are welcome. If I were to consider telling this woman, she won’t believe me. He’s scum and she’s in for a world of hurt. Moral obligation tells me that she should know!


7 thoughts on “Cheats and Liars

  1. what the hell is the big deal. everyone cheats. men AND women, no big deal. GET OVER IT!

  2. You don’t know what you’re talking about cyndi. Lies and cheating hurts. It hurts adults and children. Get your head out of your ass!

    My husband (ex) had three women on the go at once. One i found out (not from him) was a walking disease. huge wake-up call! Trips to the clinic and a big reality check was what it took to get rid of him.

  3. I have a great story for you!

    So someone who is really close to me has this ex who is a complete scum bag. She found out that he was engaged to be married in a few months, and so just to find out if he had changed his ways I asked him out (he has never met me before and so he had no idea who i was). Anyways, he agreed to go out with me and even proceeded to brag about the fact that he works out and makes a lot of money, totally going along with everything and acting as though he was single. We made arrangements to go out that night, but I never showed up, was never planning on it.

    Just to show you though, once a cheater always a cheater.

  4. I’ve beening helping my mate cheat and lie to his partner for years. He is having an affair with his mates wife. Frankly, she is a dog. I have set up multiple mobile phones so they can conduct their affairs. Who cares they are both loosers.

    • You will have an idea if they are both losers, not I. I guess though that I keep coming back to the people on the sidelines like the two spouses on either side. I know it’s easy to justify because it sounds like they both might be suited to each other. My opinion, take it for what it’s worth, where is the moral conscience in allowing this to potentially hurt other more innocent parties? This isn’t a personal judgement of you or a personal attack on you. Just a thought to knock around a bit. Thanks for visiting the blog and posting your comment. All comments are welcome! Cheers!

  5. I too, had an affair with a married man for 4 years. Shortly after our affair started we hired me to work for him, which also had me working side by side with his adult child and teenage child. As well as seeing his wife daily as she came into the business. I quit working for him after 3 years, but our affair continued for another year. This is a man who has NO respect and/or love for his ENTIRE family. A person who would flaunt his lover in front of family, friends, and business clients is a totally selfish, self-centerd person. And I know I am not his 1st affair as he told me of the others, and I’m sure I will NOT be the last. My biggest issue was I fell in love, believed him when he professed his love for me and desire to have a life with me and end his loveless marriage. As for my situation after 4 years he is still married and I’m sure on the prowl for the next affair, if not already in one. For me I am saddened by my actions of being his enabler to continue our affair for so long, and finally got tired of playing second, tired of the lies, and cancelled dates. And have learned my lesson and will make sure it NEVER happens again. It still hurts at times to feel that I gave someone my heart and they didn’t appreciate it. I still deal with my moments of feeling like a complete idiot, and wearing my heart on my sleeve, but this was the FIRST and LAST time that I had an affair with a married man … I will NEVER put myself in that position again, there are no winners … except for the married person/cheater, as long as the affair continues they have the best of both worlds, it’s the people who love the married person/cheater that get hurt.
    I am sure there have been others in my shoes and know what I’m saying … Lesson learned for me is listen to your gut, when those inner warnings signals go off … don’t ignore them .. listen and run like the devil .. I pray that the wife of the man I was involved with finally tells him to hit the road … She deserves someone who truly loves and respects her. Just as I do.

    • Good for you for having the guts to make a change for yourself. I too have been a doormat and it does a lot of bad things to your emotional well-being. Just as a side-bar, there is a link on called the informant….or if you really want to stop the loser dead in his tracks, there is the busted section. Think about it, it’s very liberating and will protect unsuspecting others from his charms. The serial cheater seldom changes, they just get better at hiding their tracks. Cheers to you and your continued liberation, many have walked in your shoes and have not made the same wise choice.

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