Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Why do we believe the cheater?

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I think when we try to make our way through the extra-marital affair crap, we keep coming back to the fact that we think we REALLY know our spouse and therefore we should be able to spot the inconsistencies and lies….thus stopping the cheater in his tracks, right? WRONG, we are probably less likely to recognize things because of the emotional ties that we share with this individual! Additionally, if you have a pathological liar on your hands like I did, you have someone who has honed the skill and may enjoy the game. Also, the liar and cheat may have you doubting your self-worth and your sanity. They use the catch-phrases; “you’re crazy” or “you’re just imagining it”. Sooner or later after days, months, years of hearing yourself put down or your mental stability questioned – you may begin to believe that! The power of words and suggestions plays into liars game quite well….remember, never engage a cheater or liar until you have all your facts….and never play all your cards….they will conveniently create a believable story for you to cover (this is why you hold back; to check the facts against the story that will no doubt follow your confrontation).

The biggest reason why they can pull theses tricks over on us?? – WE WANT TO BELIEVE so badly that we accept these ridiculous stories as truth.


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