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Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Interesting but scary parallel


I’m in the process of re-reading the book by Catherine Crier called “A Deadly Game”.  It’s the story of the investigation of Laci Peterson’s murder by her husband Scott Peterson. It’s a well-written chronology of the investigation and trial process. I read it a few years ago, but I find in recent times, (since I’ve been enlightened to the full scope of deception that my ex provided) I’m able to draw some parallels to that situation. At least with respect to character references and pathological behaviour. At one point in the book the author states – “Many sociopaths have above-average intelligence, and they often expect to be recognized for it. Their belief in their own “special” status helps feed their conviction that normal social mores do not apply to them. Such individuals can be relatively insightful about others. They are generally adept at reading what their targets “need”, and then morphing into a personality they feel will generate the best results.” I find the more that I read this, the more it applies to my ex….see first blog post. I am convinced that this must stop. Look at the final outcome of the Scott Peterson case. The man in my past (at some point I will reveal his name, however for that I’ll wait) was a master at deception, at telling people what they want to hear and consequently in many cases gaining trust and even admiration. He’s very good at selling the lies. He walked away from the police on abuse charges, his parents having witnessed this abuse have turned a blind eye to this and allow the lies to carry on. His siblings and their spouses (with the exception of their children) have all been privvy to these dangerous practices.  The theft and forgery have gone unpunished and in some cases have been elevated to a strange kind of admirable status. Unbelievable. Obviously this man truly believes that the governing laws do not apply to him. For now, I will leave you with the thought……if you knew a person was doing this and you were idly sitting by; how could you sleep at night?


9 thoughts on “Interesting but scary parallel

  1. You ask: how could you sleep?
    answer: that is how society has become apathetic, don’t get involved and it’ll all go away – such as in the case of this man’s family.
    Hopefully exposure of such horrendous behaviour will alert people as to watch out for.

    • Honestly, I believe you have hit the nail on the head with your comment. Let’s hope that talking about it here will bring some light on the subject…why is it taboo to get involved…especially if its family members; where is the moral conscience?

      • You go girl!!! We need to band together as women and expose the cheats so that other women will learn from our mistakes and will know the signs to look for
        Hope you have kicked the scumbucket to the curb and have no time for him

  2. I too was in a similar situation and by the end of it was left penny-less with my home under foreclosure and not even money to put food on the table, he had moved on to another and had started the scam all over again.

    • What a loser he is Dianne!….I’ll bet in hindsight that you’re mighty glad he’s out of the picture. Have you managed to get back on your feet, financially and emotionally?? Relationships with jerks like this take a toll on us girls in many ways. Thanks for checking in on this blog!…..More to come! 🙂

      • I guess we all find a way to survive but it has left me scared and jaded
        Keep the blog up, I am sure it will help many girls and maybe whoever these guys are cheating on now will start seeing the signs and BOLT!!!!

  3. I had an ex who stalked me for years and thought it was okay not to pay child support. You are lucky you were able o get rid of him

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