Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Will All The Good Guys Please Step Forward!

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How do you tell the good from the bad? Maybe we should look within ourselves first. What are we looking for in a relationship? Are we consistently looking for the wrong kind of guy. You know the one I mean. The one on the TV ads standing in the shower looking all lean and hot? What kind of images are there knocking around in our heads from a lifetime of watching these sponsors and reading all the magazines with their glossy, larger than life, buffed and polished men who pretend to be selling something other than the image. Often, not always, the man who is wrapped up in themselves and how they look is NOT the man that has the staying power to make it through thick and thin in a relationship….there are exceptions to every train of thought of course. This type of man may be using the excuse that they want to look good for you….hmm….let’s think about that for a moment. Do they look around and watch for who might be watching them? Do they have that way about them that when you’re talking to them; they’re kind of looking over your shoulder at someone else? Do they spend a little too much time in the bathroom primping before they go out? Knowing what I now know…I’d be supremely suspicious that if an opportunity would present itself and life at home was going through a classic, normal slump (as relationships do from time to time) would his actions be honourable? Maybe my experiences in life have jaded me somewhat; I guess it would probably be strange if they had not. Or is it a case of my eyes are wide open and knowing what I know, that I can spot it. I certainly can’t claim to have any super-powers in this department as you are all well aware of my track record with my ex. HOWEVER….I can tell you this, there are good guys out there! It may be a little harder to spot them. They’re the type of guys that live their lives quietly without the kind of high drama that follows the bad seeds around constantly. Watch for them; they’re out there!


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