Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Do Nothing?!

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And the saga continues….My newly married ex is back from the honeymoon continuing his antics with other women (the day after returning home) and his ruse of conducting “business” meetings in the evening is no doubt alive and well. Unfortunately or fortunately, depends I suppose on how you see it, his new bride is blissfully unaware of this nonsense. If this were indeed the new start that he’s been going on about; there would be nobody happier for him than I. It’s certainly been a long time coming and I would be ecstatic that he’s finally got his shit together. I have moved on to a great relationship and have the luxury of writing these articles and dealing with the past WITH the full support of my partner. What a liberating experience to go from that kind of life to a trusting and respectful kind of love. Amazing! Wait a minute, I’m getting off track here….Anyway, my hope for my ex is that somewhere, somehow he would see the error of his ways and see that although he was leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, the person he was hurting the most was himself. I guess a big part of me was hoping that he would get it together so that his daughter could have a father that she could look up to and admire. I believe that parents are in no way perfect as nobody is and if someone is truly making a positive change, then they deserve the benefit of the doubt and should receive the support necessary to make those changes….the only problem is though that after all these years; he obviously do not WANT to change his ways. Here I am pathetically aware of this AND unable to stop it. Power is a grand illusion in life, both from the cheater’s prospective where they are calling the shots AND from the people watching it unfold. The direct pawns are the ones that need to come forward and say enough is enough. They are not willing to do this or are unaware of this latest chapter in his drama-filled life. As the former spouse, an intervention on my part would be perceived as the actions of a bitter and vindictive spouse. SOOOO….what do I do? I guess I just settle for writing in this blog. There is no way that I could possibly present this in any fashion that the new, innocent and trusting wife would believe me. In the hopes that someone somewhere will see this blog and have it mean something to them will be my resolution to the inner conflict that I deal with. If a person can avoid the pain and betrayal that my small daughter and I dealt with in our situation and learn to question the actions of a person that they have suspicion of and get a resolution that they so greatly deserve then I have been successful in my goal.


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