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Got The Tiger By The Tail?!

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You can’t open  a newspaper, check out the online news or avoid the radio mentions of Tiger Woods this week! It’s certainly been an eye-opening episode in his otherwise unblemished history. All eyes have been on the golf champ for the last several years. His skills, modesty and love of family and privacy have  earned him a prestigious position in the world of golf and in the hearts of millions of fans.

It’s been six days since the beginning of the fall of the golden boy. If you are living in a bubble; then you probably have not heard about his hi-jinx. Beginning with a single car accident in front of his lavish home in Florida and ending yesterday with the US Weekly exclusive interview with a cocktail waitress who reported about her 31 month affair with Mr. Woods prior and after the birth of their first child.

Certainly reminds ME of someone I know…..unfortunately too well.

Tiger’s charade was firmly in place until the situation escalated out of control. My ex who has recently remarried to a lovely young lady; has been out there cavorting and carrying on with other women before their wedding, the day after the honeymoon and now after the news that a new baby is on the way. Unfortunately this is a cycle that began years ago with the birth of his first child…..and here we are many years later and the sleazoid is still at it.

Tiger has released a statement today due to the extreme media attention and pressure that it has caused. Due in no small part, I’m sure, to the pressure that his sponsors and promoters were putting on him to put this matter to bed….(pun intended). The power of prestige and lure of the almighty dollar can be a heady experience. Some people wear it well and do good things with their newly found power. Others choose to exploit it while pretending all the while to be an upstanding individual. It certainly will cramp Tiger’s style for the whole world to know about his infidelities. True, it really is nobody else business since he has made it clear that his private life is just that….private. That this issue is a family issue that they need to resolve themselves without the media’s scrutiny.  True… but just imagine if you could blow the lid off of the ordinary guys secret lives and severely limit their ability to carry on and ruin other people’s lives….It would be interesting to say the least. It’s too bad that scum like my ex don’t get media coverage….it would certainly blow the lid off his “good guy” image. Very effective. If Tiger thinks that he will live the next several years under the radar, carrying on here and there, he has surely got another thing coming. It’s all about the image don’t forget. That’s exactly how they hide…..under a veil of carefully planned secret rendezvous and behind women who cannot believe that “their” men are capable of such despicable actions.

Trust me…..I was one of them. I know.

Coming Soon!

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