Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Victoria’s Secret – part 4

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Victoria is back with an excerpt from her life. Yet another glimpse of the deception and heartache that she lived with. It appears to be a miracle that she is with us to share her experiences.

With Tiger Woods in the forefront, I know how humiliated his wife feels. One of my many episodes:

I was in hospital with a blood clot due to a previous beating (He had kneed me in my thigh and caused some serious damage). I was on an intravenous drip to thin my blood and get rid of the blood clot. So of course he thought for sure it was safe to do as he pleased.  Unfortunately for him that night they had removed my IV and one of my friends had dropped by the hospital to see me and returned my car that she had borrowed.

I had been calling all evening and late into the night with no answer, so I decided to take a little drive to my home which was about 10 minutes away from the hospital and hoped the nurses would not notice that I was missing for long (I informed them that I was going to take a little walk around the floor as I had been in bed for over a week).

As I drove towards my home I saw his pick-up truck parked in the driveway so I knew he was home, my mistake was to park the car in the driveway by doing so the car lights lit up the Master bedroom that was over the garage.  As I had no key to the house I went into the backyard and hoped that the door leading into the home would be open as he had a habit of leaving it unlocked.

My plan was to surprise him and question him as to why he was not answering the phone especially since I was in hospital and he was the only contact number in case of an emergency.

The door was unlocked as I expected.  As I was making my way to go upstairs he came running down the stairs and was only in his shorts with his socks on, he wears glasses and he did not have them on.  He was really angry at me and questioned what I was doing there, I reminded him that first of all that was my home and why if he was home, was he not answering the phone specially when I was in hospital (where his beating had put me). He was now pushing me out the front door and asking me to leave, this really upset me and I insisted on going upstairs to my bedroom, after much debate and when he realized that I was going nowhere till I went upstairs he let me in, he had no choice – it was my home.

I proceed to my bedroom and checked it out,  he then insisted I leave and got me out of the bedroom to the adjacent room and would not let me go back into my bedroom or the other bedroom, I do not know what possessed me but I opened the closet and there was a young lady half clad. I asked her who she was and she told me it was none of my business and as he had asked me to leave I should do that.

I was in complete shock as I never expected him to be sleeping with someone in our bed even worse while I was in hospital. I left as there was nothing more to say and I was also worried about getting into trouble for leaving the hospital as the IV had only been removed hours ago.

Later on I found out that the girl had called 911 to have the police come by and throw me out as he had told her that I was in a mental hospital.  To this day I regret not staying till the police came as I would have liked to have seen both their faces when the truth came out that it was my home not his and that I was not in a mental hospital but in a regular hospital due to his assault.

I got to meet her again with just as much drama if not more, but that episode is for another day.


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