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Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

A Little Update

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As much as it makes me worry about the outcome; it appears that the stork is set to arrive in June for my ex and his new bride. Worrisome in that history often has a way of repeating itself. Additionally, the knowledge that he is still out there in the unsuspecting world inflicting god only knows what kind of damage to other young women….actually anybody will do….anybody who he feels could benefit him in some way is in danger. Ever the social climber, he is shameful and knows no boundaries. At least none of the boundaries that the normal person would feel obligated to respecting. Here is an unsuspecting new bride; thrilled, I am certain, to be having her first child with a man who she feels was treated wrong in his life. She has NO knowledge that the choices that he made about the emotional abuse… as well as abandoning his child and wife AND beating his mistress to a pulp, stealing from her and sexually abusing her…. were his choices and his alone. The rest of us were just along for some nightmarish ride. We were fortunate to have stopped the roller coaster and gotten off of THAT ride. I guess the thing that upsets me most is that this young bride’s most basic right has been violated. The right to know the truth and to make her own choices in full knowledge of that truth. It’s everybody’s right in this life. I think she deserves it for the same reasons I felt I deserved it and never got it. That same stifling family domination and game-playing was all around me and I never caught on until well after the fact. If for one moment she was fully aware of the emotional, physical and financial abuse that this man can inflict; I am sure that she would have turned tail and ran for the hills. Now, having said that, remember from earlier posts that his family and friends all have a nice little security net around her. They will play the game for his benefit; make no mistake that he calls the shots in the situation. From his various thefts and malicious attacks on innocents, he has provided for his family (especially his parents) lavishly. He has renovated family members homes, put in basement apartments, marble finishes….you name it. If it can have a price tag on it, you can bet your bottom dollar he has provided it by nefarious means. In a nutshell, he has become the golden boy in their family. He is and always will be ultimately charming and persuasive, but if that is not enough for him to gain what he wants, he will turn to abuse or theft. He is the life of the party and makes friends quickly. Ever quick to be on the make; he has a penchant for high-priced call girls and strippers or anyone else he thinks he has a shot with.

So, if you are just joining the blog now, that is a bit of background to bring you up to speed. If this makes you curious; there are a lot of posts from previous months that you might want to scan through.

This history has not been made available to the new bride, any of her friends or any of her family. It is a closely guarded hush-hush kind of thing. The best thing a friend of hers could do is stumble across this blog and put two and two together; but the law of averages in not in her favour. The chances of that happening are slim to none. She and her child will be yet more victims left in his path….sad, but unfortunately true. The writing is on the wall. The countdown is on!

Working toward a better future!


One thought on “A Little Update

  1. Even if you told her or her friends. You will be vilified as the scorned women who cannot get on with her life and wants to ruin his. If only they knew the truth.

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