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From Tiger To Lyin’ To Cheetah?

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News on the street today is that Elie, Tiger Wood’s beleaguered spouse has decided to hire a lawyer and initiate divorce proceedings. Woman after woman have come forward to expose the golfer for what he is….a cheat. From all accounts; there are many people that should have come forward and put poor Elie out of her misery a lot sooner. The amount of people that were aware of these affairs and hid them from her are as guilty as the “cheetah” man. Shame on you all! She might not have believed one person, but she probably would have believed several had they the fortitude to step forward and do the right thing.

Undoubtedly for the women involved,  there will be some in it for the cash grab of the spotlight; others will be spinning a tale of some seedy make-believe romance. If I had not come from where I have in my life, I would probably think that there are a lot of women out there “out to get him” with their hopes of cash pay-outs and the dream-life. However, at this point in my life, now understanding the intricacies of multiple affairs and their subversive nature….I think that Elie is much better served in life if she can leave him behind in the dust. But don’t worry about poor little Tiger being too beaten up about things. He’s made more money on golf, advertising and sponsors than any golfer his age. Even if you consider the hefty pay-out he’ll have in a divorce settlement; he’s set for life if he plays his cards right.

Oh, make no mistake, life will be highly uncomfortable for him for the next little while. Aw, what a shame! He’ll be living under the world-wide microscope for quite some time after his shenanigans. Perhaps he will learn from this; more likely not. It seems with anyone of this train of thought; they live for the game. The chase (the money helps) ….the capture (the money helps too)… and finally the trophy (also bought and paid for). What happens if he hasn’t got the money to live up to the lifestyle he’s become accustomed to? Poor baby! Guess he’ll have to settle for second best in life. Pity, he had the whole world at his feet….and quite a few women too, if the stories are all true. Somehow, I think he’ll survive; his annual income in excess of $110 million from tournaments and endorsements. His first marriage will be a blip on this “cheetah’s” radar, and unfortunately his children will pay the ultimate price. Having the world in their backyard and invading their privacy for their formative years will no doubt take its toll on both children’s emotional well-being. Hopefully Elie will move with the kids into some secluded area where they can get some kind of normal. Away from the jungle that has become their home. There was a time, not so long ago, that Mr. Wood(s) was celebrated and revered for his love of privacy and passion for family and home.  Hmmmm…..well that’s all over now. It’s time to play in the big leagues my little cheating friend; where not everyone is going to idolize you as the king of the jungle, where your every move is going to be scrutinized, you will be stalked and hunted like a rabid animal and your picture will be plastered across the front National Enquirer-like rag in some grocery check-out line. Shucks, I could just cry for the guy!  Boo-Hoo!

The count-down is on!

Working toward a better future!


One thought on “From Tiger To Lyin’ To Cheetah?

  1. Good for Tiger’s wife for standing up to him and telling him to take a hike.
    Once a cheat always a cheat and Mr. Woods kindly proved it for us.

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