Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Souls 4 Sale

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It’s amazing how available we make our souls in this day and age. Nobody is unaware totally that there are persons lurking around out there who will happily trade our souls and good faith and cash it in for their own gains. I’m not talking about relationships where there is a balance of give and take, but rather the ones in which you give, give, give. Not necessarily monetary gifts, these gifts would be your good nature, trust, respect. Do we in our needy way invite these bandits into our life? I think I did with respect to my ex and with respect to other people who’s lives have intersected and diverged from mine over the course of my lifetime. These emotional bandits who think that mere flattery and gifts can turn our hearts and souls and embarrassingly so, often do. It seems like, to me anyway, that the only thing we can do in the way of protection and make ourselves immune to the dangerous charmers is to question their motives and truly dig deep. Asking questions and finding information only goes so far. We have to go past the obvious people in any particular scenario no matter what our initial thoughts are and find our information. For example, if we were to take my experiences as an example, for the truth I had to outsource my information. Meaning I had to go outside of family, friends and work acquaintenances to garner the answers to my dilemna. My ex was and is a truly gifted master manipulator. The reason I had to look outside of this circle is that he had bought the souls of these people lock, stock and barrel. Charming and sociable as he is, he is a natural magnet for anyone. I had to look for truth with the individuals that he no longer kept contact with in order to answer my questions. The primary reason for this is that when he no longer has a need for someone, he will discard them much like the garbage is taken to the curb for the truck. These people are left wondering what they have done to deserve the snub or worse yet, to pick up the pieces of an emotional or financial disaster that this man has left behind. It is true that we must learn from where we have been. To re-visit this might be painful but we often have to absorb and deal with situations fully and completely before we can move on with a glad and free heart. These emotional bandits have a firm grip on our psychological well-being. Our choices are simple. Seek information, digest information and leave them behind in the dust. Bolstered by our newly found wisdom, we can finally be empowered to move forward past the emotional blackmail.


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