Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

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The Blame Game

I love dealing with my ex (she rolls her eyes). It seems that everyone but himself is responsible for what has happened in the past. In a recent correspondence; he took great pleasure in ripping apart his daughter who, I might add, gave him every benefit of all doubt in order to have a relationship with him. He was so non-existent in her day-to-day routine as a child and in her growing years; she is now questioning a lot of things with regard to their relationship. Now, I may be way off base here, but I don’t think so…a parent who cares in this position should be able to take a hit or two in the interest of seeing their child through a rough time of reconciling the past and putting the old demons to bed. Right?  Continue reading



A Tale Of 2 Women

What happens when east meets west; when the polar opposites with so much in common meet on common ground. One might expect sparks to fly and certainly they may have if not for the passage of time and the unanswered questions hanging in the balance. Continue reading

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A Clever Chameleon

Col. Russ Williams (shown centre)

Eastern Ontario was appalled and shocked to find themselves in the geographic centre of a military upset. This is not the typical military upset; quite the opposite in fact. A senior officer who was being groomed for the highest ranks in the military has been arrested on 2 first degree murder charges as well as 2 earlier counts of forcible confinement and sexual assault. Four young women; one clever chameleon. Many are shocked because this upstanding, community and military minded gentleman does not fit the perceived stereotype of the serial killer. Continue reading

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Ever notice that the most cunning and deliberate liars never fail to come with a ready-made excuse? Designed to either make us doubt ourselves or those we’re close to. They quickly learn who to spoon-feed these lies to. Often these lies will come with a few nuggets of the truth wrapped up in the excuses in order to make their stories more believable. Like saying that the traffic was at a stand-still because of a well-reported accident during the day but in the meantime they are on the other end of the city conducting some unsavoury business. Just enough truth in it to make you buy it hook, line and sinker. You could look or read any traffic report and check that yes indeed there was an accident and yes there were cars backed up waiting to get through…..This kind of partial truth are the fodder of the apt liar and keep them in their game. If you trust your spouse, why would you even question this. That’s the kicker. This is why often times something BIG has to set off bells and sirens in your mind before you even begin to suspect that a spouse may have a thing going on the side. By that time, it’s heartbreak city. I’m not recommending that you stalk your spouse or live your life suspiciously questioning his/her whereabouts. I would suggest to you that if your partner is always coming up with excuses or suggestions as to why they’re late or why they’re unable to make it to a special occasion or they’re always working late……these would be warning signs…..BIG ONES! If you’ve arrived at the decision that you’re going to check things out for yourself; conduct yourself in a discreet fashion. Perhaps you might want to surprise them at work with a nice lunch; or take them something at the office for dinner when they’re working late. An important note of mention; you may want to hold off on blowing your cool until you know for sure. The damage caused by distrust and dishonesty can be irreparable in a relationship. In the event that you do find something less than favourable during your sleuthing forays, hold back some vital information. That will give you the ability, when they give you another excuse, to see thru the lie for what it is. Just a little tidbit from someone who knows that the skill of the liar is only matched by dislike of being caught in a lie. If your spouse confesses that he wasn’t truthful; gauge yourself carefully. If the apology is heartfelt, you may want to give that person a chance to redeem themself and earn your trust once again especially if there are children involved in the relationship. Believe me, it would be tons easier to decipher the bs if the liars in the world had noses that grew at the mere mention of the tiniest lies. But then we’d have to hear the honest truth when we ask someone if our butt looks big in this pair of jeans. LOL  Still, some honesty in the dating and relationship game goes a long way. So, if you smell a rat at apology time; listen to your gut.  Chances are that it’s a better judge of the matters of the heart than your heart is.

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Happy Valentines! <3

I’ve uploaded one of my favourite love ballads of all time! I hope you enjoy it! Whether you’ve been hurt in love or not; I think it speaks to many. Despite the past I fully believe in a person’s ability to overcome all odds and find true love. On this Valentines 2010, I hope and wish for all to find that special person to create cherished memories together and the mutual respect and trust to keep their love sacred and protected!


Knee-Jerk Reactions

There have been many reactions since I started writing this blog in September. Not the least of which are the people who wonder why is it necessary after all these years to re-visit the pain…there are also, others who quietly speak amongst themselves who wonder if I have truly given up the past. The truth of the matter is that I have long since learned to embrace my future without my ex. Granted it was no small feat with so much of my life intertwined with his; but thankfully that particular chapter has closed. Continue reading

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A girl was out with friends having drinks on King St  (in Toronto).  This guy approaches her and won’t leave her alone – saying how cute she is. She finally gives in and hands the guy her business card to get rid of him.                                                                      
These are the TWO voicemails this guy left.
This goes down in the history books – especially the second voice mail. 

After hearing them you can clearly see why she didn’t call him back – instead she called in to a local radio station & had them play this on the air.