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No More Warnings!


The brand spankin’ new “Distracted Drivers” ban came into effect today. Whether or not this will help the myriad of distractions that drivers face while behind the wheel we’ll have to wait and see. Preliminary statistics show that the accident percentage of those using hands-free devices is actually every bit as high as the hand held  percentage. Unfortunately in this day and age there are too many other distracting problems that people have behind the wheel; it just not cell phones. The ban includes any hand-held device such as mp3 players too, but what about the fatigued or preoccupied driver? Are they not every bit as dangerous on the road?
Initially, when this talk of the new law started, I was thinking that it would seriously cramp the style of those persons who conduct their affairs via their cell phone….but then the push came to swing everyone over to the hands-free contraptions that are mandatory for those in sales or wanting to keep in touch with the office. I wonder how much the common cheater is affected by the ongoing juggling match to keep all their “affairs” in order? How do they keep it straight in their minds without running someone off the road. If we’re looking at my ex for example. (My apologies, when I’m looking for bad examples to illustrate, he pops into my mind) Not only did he juggle a wife and child (poorly, albeit, but attempted), he juggled two mistresses, one who he moved in with despite her protestations, the other one he bought a house with that he was in on the process of renovating. To top that, I am aware of at least 2 other regular dalliances; that I’m sure knew very little about the man. How on earth does one ever keep things straight. It’s one thing to keep the truth straight in your mind….that’s pretty easy! But all the lies?? Talk about your distracted drivers! In the course of this time, he lived and died by his cell phone. It was his one link with all his connections. Now, lets keep in mind that he is a building contractor. So not only is he dialing and receiving all his personal calls from his various women, he is using it to keep track of his trades and getting updates on what’s going on at the various job sites as well as co-ordinating the renovation efforts at his new home with mistress #2. So, you’ve got this man who already drives badly. He’s lost his license at least 3 times already in his life that I’m aware of, driving around the streets of Toronto like a mad lunatic. Late for this appointment, late for that meeting, not even showing up for most things as a father. I guess in a situation like this, some people get the short end of the stick, like my daughter. Not to mention that you’ve already got your eyes off the road to glance around to see if you’re being followed to your next tryst by an ever-vigilant ex or mistress. So, I’m thinking that ban or no ban on the cell phones, that there are tons of drivers out there who should never be behind the wheel. We can all admit to being distracted from time to time behind the wheel and thankfully most of those times are uneventful. I’m talking about the type of driver that you’re scared to be in the passenger seat because everything bad that can happen always seems to happen when they’re around. It’s kind of like the old joke that keeps popping up on the email circuit…..”I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror like one of his passengers.” All jokes aside, I learned early in my relationship with him, never to sleep in the car as the passenger on long trips. He’d be nodding off and refusing to give up the wheel. To this day, I rarely sleep as a passenger in ANY car.
My thoughts on the Distracted Driver law? It will be good for the newly licensed drivers to know their boundaries…..but that’s about it. For the people that have been driving for many years; it will probably only add one more distraction to the already bursting mix. The furtive glancing around for cops on the road before dialing or engaging a phone call; wouldn’t you say that was distracting?


2 thoughts on “No More Warnings!

  1. You forgot the creep who’s MO is picking up women while driving and giving out his cell phone number or trying to get theirs. Going to really hamper their activities.

  2. true, true…perhaps they’ll have to re-think their pick-up strategies!

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