Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.


CheaterAlert – week 1

Wow what a great week we’ve had since the site went live on Sunday March 21st! We’ve had tons of interested parties popping in to CheaterAlert to see what it’s all about. There has been numerous relationships registered already. If you follow what we’re hoping to achieve on our site; the registering of relationships is key to this site working at an optimum level. In other words, the more people that register the greater the data base that we can offer you for your protection. Just because you register your relationship, doesn’t automatically make your partner suspect. It’s a way of letting people know that you are connected with one another and to back off once they know that he/she is in a committed relationship. Kind of like taking out an insurance policy on your relationship…only it’s free.   🙂 Continue reading


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Lyin’s and Tigers and Bares…OH MY!

Woman after woman have come forward to expose the golfer for what he is….a cheat. From all accounts; there are many people that should have come forward and put poor Elie out of her misery a lot sooner. The amount of people that were aware of these affairs and hid them from her are as guilty as the man who commited these acts. Shame on you all! She might not have believed one person, but she probably would have believed several had they the fortitude to step forward and do the right thing…for more visit

Working toward a better tomorrow!

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Our New Addition Has Arrived!

Yes, our new baby is finally on the scene and ready to shake, rattle and roll. The latest, long-awaited culmination of the Cheatbuster meets Victoria saga. The baby’s name is Cheateralert and we’re really proud to announce to the world that it’s going to kick up a little bit of a fuss. Forgive the baby comparisons; but you couldn’t have a happier bunch of parents as the ones who’ve been spending night and day working to get the site up and running. We’ll have some bumps and burps along the way while we tweak the beta version of our site to make it a user-friendly place to spend time; so easy a baby could do it. Here’s a run-down of some of the novel ideas and how we think that dating and relationships can benefit from Cheateralert.

  • People can register their relationships, both past and present, in easy to follow steps. (We suggest that you go ahead and check the box that will send a notifying email to your spouse re: the registration, but if you prefer to keep this to yourself, there are certainly instances where that may be preferable.) But that’s not the really great part! What makes this special is that should anyone else register a relationship with your spouse an email alert will show up in your inbox. It will be entirely up to you if you want to contact this individual privately through your email. This can remove a lot of doubt and lies by removing the cheater from the conversation.
  • One of the great features of the site is the ability to let someone know anonymously that they have a player on their hands. Using the “Informant” tab, you have the freedom in a private and completely untraceable way, to let a good friend know that their partner has been stepping out on them. It’s a horrible predicament to be in. It’s a case of “damned if you do; damned if you don’t”. Now Cheateralert will look after it for you. Simple solution to a terrible dilemma.
  • Our “Life” articles will provide insights on a variety of different issues and topics in order for us to achieve understanding, healing and lasting relationships. We’re interested in providing our readers with a wide choice of reading and personal interest articles.  We welcome you to post your comments and rate the posts so that we can better serve you.
  • Cheateralert initially provides forums on love and relationships but be sure and watch for us to expand that into health, beauty and fitness down the road in our “Talk” section.
  • Our advice panel is ready and waiting for your questions in the “Ask Her” and “Ask Him” areas of the website. We not only want to help you bust those cheats, our goal is also to help you answer some of life’s pressing problems and offer some solutions along the way.
  • I’ve saved the best for last. If you have had a relationship that has been troubled by a low-down, cheating spouse. You can now BUST ‘EM on our website. You will have the ability to globally warn others about your cheating, abusive, lying spouse or partner. We have a safeguard in place for you as well. If you find that you’ve been misinformed after busting your partner; you have the option of UN-BUSTING them. We will stress at this time that it is very important that you are sure of the facts before making your “citizen’s arrest” on the site.

We’ve worked hard to get our baby “up and running”; we hope you drop in to register your relationship. Good, bad or somewhere in between? All relationships are welcome! Come join us, let us help you protect yourself from deception and hurt so that you can move on and enjoy the other things that life has to offer!

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How To Show Affection In Your Relationship

It is a fact that any relationship thrives on love, trust and acceptance of each other’s plusses and drawbacks. Affection is something special we all crave for in a relationship. If there is no affection in a relationship, the relationship cannot thrive or ultimately survive. A strong foundation is what it takes for an intimate relationship to survive. 

Men tend to be more on the impulsive side and possibly oblivious to the consequences that their actions or inactions might be causing. Whereas women tend to over think a situation and as a result demand more from the men in their lives assuming many times that they will instinctively know what is needed to make the relationship work. It turns into an emotional tug of war where nobody wins. All it takes is for one in a relationship to stop being affectionate and the relationship does not have a future.

Whether you are dating or married, showing affection will enhance and further your relationship. Showing affection to your loved one brings trust, happiness, love, and romance. The easiest ways are by the feeling of touch. Touch heightens the senses and stimulates us.   for more on this article and others – visit us at

we’re busting those cheats and working toward a better dating and relationship future!

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Desperate Housewives

Register your relationship today at

Working toward a better future!

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The Liar

working toward a better tomorrow!

register your relationship today at

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Silent Echo

Dreamers and fantasizing about a perfect life. Doesn’t sound very frightening or  deadly does it? But it is dangerous, because that is what allows us to believe in other people. I’m not so jaded by life that I don’t believe that there are millions of people out there in the world who are worthy of our thoughts and best wishes. I’m not talking about those for they are numerous; I’m talking about the people out there armed with their deceptive stories and false bravado who swoop in on our lives….(and we welcome them with open arms)….and mess with our sanity, finances, and physical well-being. Continue reading