Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Silent Echo

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Dreamers and fantasizing about a perfect life. Doesn’t sound very frightening or  deadly does it? But it is dangerous, because that is what allows us to believe in other people. I’m not so jaded by life that I don’t believe that there are millions of people out there in the world who are worthy of our thoughts and best wishes. I’m not talking about those for they are numerous; I’m talking about the people out there armed with their deceptive stories and false bravado who swoop in on our lives….(and we welcome them with open arms)….and mess with our sanity, finances, and physical well-being. The same ones repeatedly leave their mark over and over again throughout their lives. They feed off of our love for romance and our notion of the perfect relationship in an imperfect world. And they thrive on it….men and women who trample over others to get something intangible that is missing in their life. My ex for example is on his fourth long-term (legitimate) relationship at 46 years old. He takes great care of himself…in fact the best care he takes is of himself. So given any plague, accident or possible murder by a jealous spouse….he’s going to probably outlive anyone he’s ever tortured in his miserable existence. And of one thing I’m sure, that is that he holds absolutely ZERO guilt, ZERO responsibility and ZERO concern about the shattered lives that he has left behind…..ZIP, ZERO, NADA! So, what happens to those who encounter him from this point forward? When we consider this, we must keep in mind that he has badly physically, financially and emotionally abused women for most of his adult life. He has cheated so often that he does not consider cheating as a bad thing anymore if indeed he ever did. After what he has put me through during the span of my life and the toll it has taken from a health prospective, I have no doubt that he will probably outlive me in this lifetime. So I sit here and write. I write about my past, not for the self-pity it could give me if I let it, but for the people he has yet to grace with his presence. It is for their protection and for others. The only thing that will be left when I’m gone will be the silent echo of my words on this blog going through cyberspace so I will carry on.

working toward a better future!



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