Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

CheaterAlert – week 1


Wow what a great week we’ve had since the site went live on Sunday March 21st! We’ve had tons of interested parties popping in to CheaterAlert to see what it’s all about. There has been numerous relationships registered already. If you follow what we’re hoping to achieve on our site; the registering of relationships is key to this site working at an optimum level. In other words, the more people that register the greater the data base that we can offer you for your protection. Just because you register your relationship, doesn’t automatically make your partner suspect. It’s a way of letting people know that you are connected with one another and to back off once they know that he/she is in a committed relationship. Kind of like taking out an insurance policy on your relationship…only it’s free.   🙂

We’ve had a bust or two so far; we’ know you’re going to be skeptical initially and that’s okay. It’s human nature and at CheaterAlert we know you’ll bust your scumbag when you’re good and ready. Sometimes it’s difficult to admit to yourself that you’ve been cheated on let alone publish it on the internet. BUT, that’s what we do and we’re proud to offer this service to those who want to leave their garbage behind or others who wish to protect themselves in any way that they can. The relationship registry is for all relationships: good, bad, abusive, cheating, or somewhere in between. Past and present. Join us in our quest to help make  the dating and relationship world a safer place and bring back the honesty, trust and respect that is so badly needed in any good relationship! Cheers!

Bust that cheat today! – Register your relationship on


2 thoughts on “CheaterAlert – week 1

  1. great site

  2. i love that it’s for men AND women. cool! About time; women cheat 2

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