Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

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Enlightenment From Onions

I keep coming back to the ability and skill at deceiving that I and others were “graced” with at the hands of my ex. Never would I have imagined in my wildest dreams that he would be capable of this level of deception. The layers were so deep that I’m still finding out new information from a variety of different sources that takes my breath away to this day. Imagine that! Over 15 years ago and I’m still finding out new stuff every week or so from previous workmates, friends and family. Continue reading


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Ode To Goodness

When we think  of domestic violence; we often reflect on the situation between two partners. Seldom, unless our personal lives have been touched by it, do we think of domestic violence in a relationship between a child and their mother. Recently the world lost a golden soul who gave more than she was given in her lifetime. A person whose generosity was well-known in her circle of family, friends and co-workers. An individual who, although she had very little to call her own in her world, was a caregiver to her children and grandchildren and countless others. Continue reading


Manipulation is Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse causes deep scars that can take years to heal.

Being the victim of manipulation is a slippery slope of mind-bending and life-altering compromise. Perhaps compromise is not the correct word as it suggests an agreed upon course of action. However, the agreement is jaded in that you have been persuaded by someone who knows what buttons to push to coerce you into agreement. You knowingly make the decision but the facts have been skewed to lead you in a certain direction. In order to play this game, the manipulator must know you very well. This again is a double-edged sword because you will trust this person implicitly to have your best interests at heart. There are manipulators in every facet of life. Your workplace, your home, your relatives, your partner or your friends. Continue reading

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The Sociopaths In Our Lives

They walk amongst us; some are lucky to have only been “side-swiped” by a full-blown sociopath; others are left reeling by the close encounters and the damage left behind.

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Are You Involved With A Romantic Liar?

The first sign that you have met a Romeo or Juliet of a dangerous flavor is that they know far more about you than you know about them. They’ve been doing some homework on you. Not a bad thing on its own; but when you add all of the factors together, it spells trouble. This information control is step number one; and quite possibly there is a hidden agenda that you are not aware of. At this stage, you’re flattered that they’ve been so interested in you that they’ve taken the time to find out these details. Continue reading


Ashley Madison Sucks

Well, to many of us, this is no great surprise! Apparently, according to this writer and the commentaries of the readers, Ashley Madison is a big scam solely devoted to lightening your wallet. Isn’t that a shame…(heavy sarcasm) follow this link to see what these poor fellows who have been scammed have to say about the website. LOL. I guess scamming their wives and significant others is quite okay in their books, but when THEY get taken for a ride, it pisses them off. is more important than ever. Unfortunately, sometimes there are no repercussions to being unfaithful, making even the most trusted partner susceptible to cheating. now there are risks to stepping out on your spouses. registering your good relationships will help keep your lover honest. 🙂

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Has Cheating Become Acceptable?

Cheating Causes Pain And Heartache

It certainly seems as though it has. In the days of Tiger Woods and Jesse James; we seem to view infidelity as an expected turn of events, an unsurprising series of episodes that gives fodder for rumour and speculation. Have we lost the outrage and sense of feeling for those that have become the victims of a cheating spouse. Women cheat, men cheat and now it becomes almost an accepted norm in our society. So much so that if we were to catch a cheating spouse of a friend, we’d probably turn the other cheek and talk ourselves out of tattling on the cheat because it doesn’t serve us any purpose to do so or maybe because it’s easier just to tell ourselves that it’s none of our business. But would we let our friend walk into a burning building? Would we let that friend get into a car that we know has no working brakes? No, we probably wouldn’t. Continue reading