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Has Cheating Become Acceptable?

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Cheating Causes Pain And Heartache

It certainly seems as though it has. In the days of Tiger Woods and Jesse James; we seem to view infidelity as an expected turn of events, an unsurprising series of episodes that gives fodder for rumour and speculation. Have we lost the outrage and sense of feeling for those that have become the victims of a cheating spouse. Women cheat, men cheat and now it becomes almost an accepted norm in our society. So much so that if we were to catch a cheating spouse of a friend, we’d probably turn the other cheek and talk ourselves out of tattling on the cheat because it doesn’t serve us any purpose to do so or maybe because it’s easier just to tell ourselves that it’s none of our business. But would we let our friend walk into a burning building? Would we let that friend get into a car that we know has no working brakes? No, we probably wouldn’t.

Cheating Destroys Families

So why would we allow a friend to be hurt the way one is that has been cheated on? Maybe we satisfy ourselves by saying at least it’s not me or she/he will figure it out on their own. Maybe we figure that we don’t want to be the cause of their pain. (We forget that the pain of betrayal is much worse)Sometimes it’s as simple as fearing the loss of a valued friendship by appearing to pit yourself against their cheating spouse by implying or stating that their beloved is not faithful. Whatever the reasoning, the bottom line is this…the person who is aware of it and lets it continue without confronting the cheater or letting their friend/family member know by some means is as much at fault for turning a blind eye. Sure sometimes it’s best to keep opinions to yourself with your friends and family; but what I’m talking about here is not opinion, it’s stone-cold facts. If you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could save this person a considerable amount of hurt by exposing a cheat early in a relationship; why wouldn’t you? A problem in today’s dating and relationship world is that cheating is commonplace and when something becomes ordinary, it becomes accepted practice. There’s something seriously wrong with this way of thinking.

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One thought on “Has Cheating Become Acceptable?

  1. there were tons of family and ppl who knew my ex was cheating on me with lots of other women and no one said a word to me about it – pissed me off BIG TIME . guess they thought it was okay as long as it didnt affect them. fuckin’ bullshit . woulda saved me 5 years of bs from my ex if they had said some thing to me!

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