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Ashley Madison Sucks


Well, to many of us, this is no great surprise! Apparently, according to this writer and the commentaries of the readers, Ashley Madison is a big scam solely devoted to lightening your wallet. Isn’t that a shame…(heavy sarcasm) follow this link to see what these poor fellows who have been scammed have to say about the website. LOL. I guess scamming their wives and significant others is quite okay in their books, but when THEY get taken for a ride, it pisses them off. is more important than ever. Unfortunately, sometimes there are no repercussions to being unfaithful, making even the most trusted partner susceptible to cheating. now there are risks to stepping out on your spouses. registering your good relationships will help keep your lover honest. šŸ™‚

Working to protect your heart; register yourself and your relationships on today and let’s change the relationship and dating world together!


45 thoughts on “Ashley Madison Sucks

  1. You know, as a former user of the ashley madison site, it wasn’t a scam. I met some very interesting men from the site. I guess you dont always find a partner, but I was extremely fortunate. You might want to see some interesting ashley madison reviews

    • You’re probably the only real female on the system. Like the other person commented the scam is aimed at men not women.

      • It seems like most “positive” reviews are made up and the negative one’s are the most honest sounding, i.e. look at the website I found with negative reviews from one guy who started another site – its the link in my website box.

  2. The scam is aimed at men not women Amanda. Ashley Madison’s entire business model has been created to perpetrate a fraud. There are quite simply nowhere near enough women looking to cheat as men so they always knew they’d have to even out the numbers by systematically generating thousands of fake female profiles and automating the system so that men got magically messaged by their dream women just before their credits run out. When unscrupulous people sell fictitious concert tickets online they’re prosecuted. When Ashley Madison effectively do the same thing they get away with it! Go figure?!!

  3. My husband went to Ashely Madison. He ended up having an affair with “Nikki” for a year and a half before I found out. Turns out that was a fake name, and everything else she told him was also made up. We are trying to work this out and not split up, but only time will tell. She not only has ruined a great relationship, she also gave him a STD. If these people are going to be putting it out there, they should be screened for disease on a regular basis. I hope people wise up to this trashy website.

    • Hi Shirley,

      I’m investigating for a possible lawsuit. Are you interested?

      • Hi Jon,
        My wife Barbara went to AM and she actively pursued a one night stand for her pleasure because I was sick and unable to perform. That hasn’t changed but my relationship with her is unrecoverable.

    • So sorry to hear about the demise of your relationship. The reality of the situation is that “SHE” did NOT ruin your relationship. YOUR HUSBAND DID. That woman means NOTHING to YOU. The RESPONSIBILITY completely lyes within YOUR SPOUSE! Healing cannot truly begin until this IS NOT ONLY ACKNOWLEDGED BY ACCEPTED.

      Good luck.

  4. Shirley, as bad as that is about your husband, It wasn’t the website or “Nikki” that ruined a great relationship, your husband did that himself. He went there Looking to cheat, it didn’t come looking for him. He wasn’t a victim, he was an active participant. Don’t be mad at the girl he cheated with, be mad at HIM!!!

  5. For what they’re getting for their money from Ashley Madison, the stupid married men that join would be better off phoning a sex chat line, paying a hooker or buying a blow up doll!!

  6. My law firm is considering filing a class action lawsuit against Avid Life Media, which owns and operates Ashley Madison. It is our belief that Ashley Madison is, in part, a scam that fraudulently solicits men and woman to pay to view “collect messages,” from fake profiles created by the site. Upon paying for credits to view messages from “interested” men/women, the user ends up finding that the profile is a fake. Ashley Madison, knowing its site is a fraud, hides behind the fact that most people are unwilling to come forward about the site for fear of exposing the fact that they were seeking an affair. If anyone is interested in speaking with me about their experience please contact me at

  7. I like your header. Why is it so hard for people to just talk to their partner about being unhappy? Most people I know married their significant other because they loved them. Why would you want to hurt the person you married by having an affair behind their back? I know people fall out of love sometimes but I’m also pretty sure it is a gradual process and a process that can be reversed when we communicate and work to meet each otherā€™s needs. I have to say when I first heard Of Ashley Madison I felt sad. Then I though W.T.F.? I bet this doesn’t last long. Most people will think this is just gross and wrong. I guess I was the one who was wrong.
    You don’t need an affair; you need to learn how to love your partner again.

  8. first i am not married so no cheeting here! i did not want a LTR
    jest to meet some one who also did not want a long term relationship
    AM has their credits you buy but they may as well say a $ amount for every thing you want to do
    many many emails youhave to pay for to read and most only say
    hello email me … and the few that did respond sounded like bot’s
    never never never did i get a real live response in almost 6 mos..
    i last signed with 5 credits.. now i can not find out who is messageing me with out signing a waver of class action law suit and agreeing to binding arbation in canada snow back country whos laws may not favor americians
    i closed the window with out agreeing and looked for information on law suit
    and gee am joinging one or the other and dont care if i get money back or not
    i jest want to sting the dam people who are taking advantage of men who are hurting … yep.. go get’em lawyers!!! yea !!!!

  9. I am a guy. Married 26 years. Very happy with my relationship with my wife, but she was raised Baptist…North Carolina Baptist…and her idea of rocking sex is rather lame. A.M. has been fabulous for meeting women in a similar situation and satisfying that need in each of our lives. No married woman I’ve met on A.M. has wanted to change her situation or mine. It’s just sex.

    • You must be an employe of AM like I said I put up a picture of a very good looking model and have not received one message from any w

  10. Ashley Madison is a website to scam men out of there money. I did an experiment through there web site, I first made a fake ad from a male seeking an affair. The only responds I received were from a few fake female profiles, You can tell the fake ads it’s the ones that are up for a long time. The profile picture that I put was a very good looking guy, who would have no problem finding women. The next experiment that I did was that of a female seeking an affair. You can not believe the responds that I received it was unbelievable in two weeks that I had the ad up I received over two thousand messages including winks. The guys that would send messages were so pathetic I felt really sorry for them that they would waste their money on this scam. My advice to all guys out there who feel they must join this site, please only buy the smallest amount of time because it’s all money down the drain, they say that they guarantee you an affair but you have to buy the max amount of credits $250. If you read their are conditions. They also know that their is nothing that you will do if you don’t find someone. What are you going to do take them to court, I’m sure your wife and friends will be trilled and be very supportive of you,

  11. They have there asses covered read all the fine print on the agreement, they even tell you that some of the replys to ads are fake. Plus with there money they can afford the best lawyers so don’t bother

  12. I am a female who is described as in a dull marriage but I attempted to reconcile my marriage for several years but had been unsuccessful, even did the counseling, therapy, etc. He said it was all me. It was because of about 5 months ago that he acted in such a way that finally was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Then I happened to search for something new and found Ashley Madison. I setup a profile, added my picture, got responses and even chatted with a couple of men. Then setup a meeting with one, and found out that he lied on his profile about (no explanation). So the comments about men getting ripped off are not even close to what I have been ripped off from. I paid for the rooms (in my name), wanted only one and was told I was the only one and found out he had multiple women he wanted, he wanted discreet but I know everything about him (which I could use but remember this is mutually discreetness). The men on AM say that women have the power but that is a lie because I think that this encourages men to have multiple partners so if they get bored with you they will move on. Women are less likely to sleep around and want just one guy to ensure the discreetness. I was told that I was wonderful but he still wanted others. Honestly, how many times can you get away from your spouse to have multiple partners? Men are definitely thinking with the wrong head!!!

    So I was all for the site at first, but now it is a scam that men are playing on women. They are playing the field and their playground is getting pretty full. They are going to have to watch who they might tease, please and release next. The outcome isn’t going to be pretty someday.

    • They can’t be playing the field because 95% of the female profiles are fakes, so there is no playground to play in!!

      • Not necessarily true. Some sites, like PrivateAffairs (which also has an active discussion forum attached to it) have very few fakes. Not shilling for it, have tried AM as well. PoF also has fewer fakes.

  13. I am a women that is losing her family because of this shit!! My husband has been on the site for years and now my 10 month old is losing his family and beautiful home because of this site! I am starting a petition to file class action lawsuit on this site. I need any information I could use. If there are women who are going through something similar and have proof of their spouses on this site contact me.

    • Too bad I did’nt see this sooner. My 3 little kids 8,8 and 7 are currently losing daddy from the same thing. Find new too. Thats how I busted him. We lost our home and our dad. I have proof and it coming to court with me.

    • Get real Girlfriend. It’s NOT THE WEBSITES fault. Blame your husband completely. AM never had a contract or promise WITH YOU. Your HUSBAND DID.

    • This site destroyed my marriage of 20 years, I am a male and my ex wife was active with 5 men on a regular basis, she was recommended to this site from a previous lover named Sean Cadden from San Diego. I don’t know what legal grounds a class action suit would have, all parties actively pursued the relationships or affairs and the end result for me was divorce, I married a tramp.

  14. Yeah and for you people that have anything stupid to say keep your crap to yourself. I am amazingly hot and was a great wife but he got a kick out of being unfaithful. So serious comments only. I am doing more research and I will have them pay me for what they have done to myself and many other good wives out there!! Hurry!!!

    • The site is real. My husband was on the site and had affairs with 2 women and was working on a third when he was caught.

    • How did it work for you Im going thru the same thing. I read the emails between him and the cheater from Ashley Madison, She knew he was a cheater, then she got mad at him for standing her up for their usual lunch for cheating on her! Yup the cheating continued. What a shock when I saw how much he loved her kisses on the phone I bought him. What a joke! That was a year and a half ago. I found out 5 months ago, Now we are getting divorced. Glad to be rid of him after 12 years. Too ad my 3 little kids lose their daddy.

  15. Go back to your AM office and leave this site for people who really got scammed

  16. I’m firmly believing that Ashley Madison has shown it’s hand as a scam.
    Twice in less than 24 hours, I’ve had to contact the sight about charges against my checking account that they claim I requested….. one for their maximum amount of credits which I never signed up for and the second for a reaccurring charge (to replenish the credits). I immediately contacted the website on each issue as soon as I was aware of what was occurring. They supposedly eliminated the first charge and followed up with an email indicating that they had removed the charge….. I immediately contacted my bank and informed them about what was occurring. Then less than 24 hours later another charge appeared claiming to be for the same thing….. the purchase of the maximum of credits. My eyebrows raised and again, I immediately contacted the website….. they claimed that I had the option for replenishing the credits once they were depleted. Fortunately, I know that they’re lying through their teeth because when I signed up recently I specifically went through their webpage and made certain that, that specific option was not selected as “ON” for replenishment of the credits. The customer service rep insisted that it was left on and I informed her that it wasn’t. She supposedly deleted the charge….. Again, I immediately contacted my bank and have noted that these 2 charges of $249.00 are still pending. It’s time for a letter to Ashley Madison and if necessary to take legal action. Once I’ve got my funds back, I’ll delete my profile and walk away from this b.s…… I have met some rather nice ladies so far, but I think I’ll just go ahead and get a real life instead. I haven’t got time for fraudulent business practices.

  17. I’m a 40-something attractive man who has been on AM for about 4 months and I love it. True, it’s not for everyone, but I don’t see the scam level that other people are complaining about here.

    I’ve had 4 encounters in these 4 months, 3 very good and 1 sorta weird. Just like a bar, I would imagine.

  18. is in itself a scam!! Haventyou guys notices how almost all the posts start outnegative.. But end up praising the site somehow! Its reversemarketing ppl! And how conveniently they’re all posted by the same person.. john… Who claims to receivethese stories via email. RUBBISH

  19. I am AM member who paid my hard earned money for them. After months of using Ashley Madison, I found it really sucks! It has so many fake members who will send you collect mails (that has only content of “chat now?), winks, admirations or chat request… attempting to make you pay for membership or to make you spend your credit. If you look carefully, they are usually online all day and play the game for Ashley Madison and they never respond back to your replies. There are also lots of undesirable members who are not even worth to contact. Now if you get rid of the fakes and undesirables (too fat, too small, too big, too old, too ugly, too strange …..of course they are all free members wasting your time and credit), I guess only 10% or less of the female numbers they claim would be the normal people. So far, I responded to 11 persons who initiated to contact me and only 1 of them looked like a real person and I was not even successful with that person due to too much competition – maybe 10 men for 1 real woman. Ashley Madison sucks and it is almost a scam!!! Don’t waste your time and money.

  20. I am a single man who has been on AM for about 3 years. I wanted to find people who were not interested in a committed relationship and I have found that. I have met three real woman from AM. I am very busy and, take this as you will, I do not have the time to invest in a day-in-day-out relationship. I have done it before but that is not where I am right now. There are several things you have to be careful about on AM in my experience. Many girls there are web cam girls, they use the site to drive business to themselves. There are also many “sugar babies” there, younger women looking to be taken care of by older guys. There are also more sinister scams on AM such as overseas agents looking to get you to send them money in the guise of being a poor girl trapped in a foreign country and needing to get home to girls here looking for you to send them money for a plane ticket that they never intend to buy. All those are really scams and as far as I know none are sponsored by AM. Their pricing and other policies could I suppose be considered a scam too. The bottom line is that there are some real women there, you have to be careful and not jump too quickly for what they present to you and do some research. Overall I am happy with the service and what I have gotten out of it, keeping in mind the scams that are possible there.

    • I was on there for the same exact reason. Some good and some NOT SO GOOD experiences. It is what it is. Just take time to do your research before jumping into bed.

  21. I always find it pathetic when a woman blames a website or a woman for the fact that her husband’s a dog.

  22. I am a married guy who has subscribed to AM for three years. I was looking for a FWB. I’ve had a number of “no responses” on AM. You just plow through it. I’ve had three one nighters with women who were either sexually or personality incompatible. Then I met a great married woman. We hook up twice a month. Exhaust ourselves sexually and have fun hanging out. Neither wants to end our marriage. Its fun and she will be a good friend for life whether we continue to hook up or not.

  23. The people on Ashley Madison are actively seeking discreet partners for sexual intercourse. Active participants on this website pay to access others seeking an affair and in turn speak with members that have also paid to access the website. This would mean that they are accepting payments for sexual intercourse. The definition of prostitution is accepting payments for sex acts. Hiring people for sex is illegal in 49 out of 50 states. Honestly the company is running a prostitution ring and should be charged with multiple misdemeanors including prostitution and aiding and abetting adultery.

    prosĀ·tiĀ·tute (prst-tt, -tyt)
    1. One who solicits and accepts payment for sex acts.
    2. One who sells one’s abilities, talent, or name for an unworthy purpose.
    tr.v. prosĀ·tiĀ·tutĀ·ed, prosĀ·tiĀ·tutĀ·ing, prosĀ·tiĀ·tutes
    1. To offer (oneself or another) for sexual hire.
    2. To sell (oneself or one’s talent, for example) for an unworthy purpose

  24. I know that posting on a blog like this daily is very difficult, but it’s what I love to do, and… yes, in my spare time, since my main job is music composition and production and, yes, I love your site!

  25. I was on this website. I am single. I was fresh out of a very long term relationship. Therefore, I wasn’t interested in a full on relationship again. I was simply looking for some occasional companionship and lots of HOT, PASSIONATE SEX. This is a main reason all parties join AM. It’s that simple. I have meet some awesome lonely men. To only provide them with dinner and great conversation. They want a woman to sit and listen to them w/o judging and bitch, pissing and moaning about everything under the sun. Men really do want to have sex with their wives. A friendly word to wives…Especially when in a long term marriage and you are into your middle ages…Fuck your husbands, Regularly. If you can NOT get into the mood. Find out why you are not and correct the problem. Most likely they will not WANDER elsewhere for it. Yes, I know it’s a two way street. The reality is that god ONLY gives men enough blood to run ONE HEAD at a time. Take care of one of them and I promise you…taking care of the other will come naturally.

    I have actually helped 3 men return to their marriages and work things out with their wives. I never even had sex with them. They later messaged me, thanked me and no other additional contact will take place. Yes wives you are so very welcome.

    Now onto the true SLEEZE BALL MEN who totally misrepresent themselves on here. They get you worked up, string you along and make promises they have no have no intentions of keeping. They set up that initial meeting, only to cancel at last minute. It goes on as long as you allow it. Their exuses are ENDLESS. WE TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT US… (thank you Dr. Phil). Then finally send you a message and say “SORRY, COLD FEET! I CAN’T CHEAT ON MY WIFE, I JUST CAN’T”. Then hours, if not minutes, they are right back on the website continuing their trolling. I just went through this. I was fine for walking away and holding my head up high. Until I busted him, through a bogus profile on the site, hours later. Not once but twice within 24 hours. Such a piece of shit, poor exuse for a man. I have to knowledge of his personal life and even his address. I threatened to RUIN HIS LIFE, if he didn’t contact me by tomorrow evening at 5:32 pm. We’ve never met one on one. If he does not travel to me for that meeting by that deadline then I will make his life hell. Seems like a no brainer to me. I just want to see if he even looks like his pics and see the look in his eyes get some honesty from him.

    My objective here is to stop him from ruining some poor nieve woman’s life. Whom may just get so devastated by his let downs that she desperately takes a down hill spiral.

    The important thing here on this and other websites is to KEEP IT REAL.

    • Be real weary of anyone named Michael, mike, from Kalamazoo, Battle Creek area. 6′, 210lbs. Around the age of 49. Rides a red Harley. Constantly changes his profile name. Sometimes under something like Sugar Daddy 49017. Loves the dirty talk. Which was flipping awesome. Unfortunately he didn’t follow through. He is a TRUE DOG. HE is a smooth operator. He is married, obviously. I have to wonder if perhaps he doesn’t even look like his pic or if the pics I received were him. He was in the army. Which I was also given pic of. He will sit in the same room with wife and constantly text/sext. Which he is extremely good at and that makes it harder. I could have “gotten off” by simply listening to him reading the phone book. His voice was that sexy. He easily prays on your vulnerabilities.

  26. Im a 30 year old man who met a supposedly 31 year old woman in AM. I sent her a message thru AM and her response was for me to email her instead, which I did. We interchanged a few emails but she decided to message me thru instant messanger instead. We chatted quite a bit of times in the course of half a day and she even gave me her phone number. She asked me if I could call her, again I agreed. She made me feel really comfortable and loved. She sent me many pictures and very loving messages. She stated that she was going thru a divorce and that she would save me in her contacts. Knowing that confidentiality was essential, we agreed to resume our conversation after the weekend. The weekend came and went and I never heard from her again. I started to believe that she was an AM employee making up stories about who she really was? Any thoughts? Was she real….I’m confused.

  27. I’m a married female with a critical indifferent husband. AM is just a tool–like a hammer or gun it can be used to either fix or destroy depending on who’s holding it. I met a wonderful man on AM who adores me and gives me the love, attention and affection I’m not getting at home. Poor life choices are MY problem, not Ashley Madison’s.

  28. AM are full of fake ass profiles – Its all full of mostly Kaffir Nigger scammers from Niggergeriah Ghana and Scoonerra Leone. I did however maintain a medium term relationship with a very beautiful canadian girl but in the end she became very insecure when she questioned as to why i didnt comment about her “private showcase” photos so she stopped talking to me.

    Probably the only real profile on there i guess.

    as for those dirty kaffirs from west africa that troll ashley maddison looking to scam Daters out of there hard earned cash – I HOPE YOU ALL GO CATCH EBOLA AND FUCKING DIE.

  29. Within a week I found no less that 150 fake profiles with images of actresses and/or P**N stars. AM says they don’t check but if you read the policy, you are not to use images you don’t have rights to. How can a company enforce what they don’t check. The policy also says you (as a member) must be willing to accept contacts from profiles that are there for “entertainment and amusement” purposes only… it’s a joke!!

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