Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Ode To Goodness

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When we think  of domestic violence; we often reflect on the situation between two partners. Seldom, unless our personal lives have been touched by it, do we think of domestic violence in a relationship between a child and their mother. Recently the world lost a golden soul who gave more than she was given in her lifetime. A person whose generosity was well-known in her circle of family, friends and co-workers. An individual who, although she had very little to call her own in her world, was a caregiver to her children and grandchildren and countless others. She saw her share of heartache and grief in her lifetime; having buried her daughter, and seeing her son incarcerated on unrelated charges. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, which would be a natural inclination, she immersed herself in being the full-time caregiver of her daughter’s two children. (That task will now fall into the hands of her youngest daughter; a young woman who was always a beacon of hope, honesty and an example of responsibility.)  At times, we knew that there was not enough money to go around, but never did I see her moping or carrying on about it. She chose to shoulder her many burdens masked in an aura of positive light with a resolve that few people would even begin to be able to muster had they walked in her shoes for even a brief moment in time. Her easy manner and ability to smile and laugh will be missed.

For whatever reason, her compassion and caring forced  her to remain in contact with a daughter who sadly escaped the clutches of the legal and medical field years before. A lost and dangerous soul who collided repeatedly with the family unit. Sometimes staying for days, sometimes for months and then mercifully she would leave. A mother’s passionate burden of love for her children allowed her not to completely sever those ties with her child no matter how lost that child was. The system had its opportunities to help this family; but for a host of reasons, it never happened. Today the community mourns the loss of a daughter, a mother, a sister, a grandmother. Sadly a life taken too young in a world where often the system fails to intervene when given the opportunity.

a favourite collectible and a dedication to a life taken too early

For K.R. –

May your light continue to shine in the hearts of those who were blessed to have known you in your life. You will be missed by those whose lives that you touched.

For Q. – Be strong girl and remember you are not alone. Lean on those offering their support when you need to. There are many who love and admire you.

For J. and T. – know that despite all that life threw at her; that your grandmother loved you both immeasurably. Let the anger go and help each other as you go through life.


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