Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

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Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee says Bullock should thank her

Here’s an excerpt of an online video aired today and in the starring role a woman who has acknowledged her affair with Jesse James (estranged husband of Sandra Bullock)

Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee

Who says lousy behaviour isn’t rewarded in today’s world?

Michelle McGee, Jesse James’ infamous ex-lover, has just signed a TV commercial deal with the pro-adultery website Continue reading


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Just For Fun

One of the ironies of life is that it often brings humour and art to life in a believable and often humorous light.  That is, if you’ve survived your life thus far hanging on to your sense of humour with both desperate hands. Sometimes the best and only thing we can do is laugh at ourselves and the pickle we’ve allowed ourselves to be caught in. I got this email from one of my brother-in-laws and thought it’s just too nice a day to dredge up old stuff. So here’s some irony coming at you for this sunny Sunday. Cheers! Continue reading


Marital Affairs: What Happens After Spouses Cheat?

The was a recent publication from abc news and bcause it’s so relevant to this blog and it’s purpose i’ve posted it in its entirety for some interesting reading

Why Americans Are Getting More Conservative About Affairs, but Seem Willing to Accept Them in Their Own Marriages.


Brian Bercht cheated on his wife, Anne, 10 years ago. It was a full-blown affair, with clandestine lunch meetings and a growing emotional attachment to the other woman. It wasn’t that Brian didn’t love his wife of 18 years, he says. But he felt empty and vulnerable. And he was unprepared for the attraction he felt toward the co-worker who would become his lover. “I didn’t think it would ever happen to me,” he says.

For her part, Anne Bercht remembers the pain. She describes how she did not sleep or eat for months. “If we had been fighting, if we had had a bad sex life – if we had been struggling – maybe I would have been able to accept it,” she says. “But all of that increased my level of devastation and shock. I couldn’t think straight.” Continue reading


Social Networking and Your Relationship

Social Networking Sites Like Facebook, Myspace, etc. just take the ability to cheat to a whole new level.

How do internet social networking sites figure into the ongoing problem of infidelity in relationships? There are many that say that certain sites have been the downfall of many of their relationships; and rightly so. Meeting people online has become universally easier since the advent and insurgence of sites like Facebook, Hi5, Myspace, Orkut, Habbo, Black Planet, Linked In. Grabbing your information and allowing you to search for people by sex, age, region and relationship status has opened up the ability to communicate to someone across the world.

 So far, no problem right? Initially thought of as a great way to communicate with loved ones a continent away, the internet and it’s social mediums  seemed like both a blessing and a necessity.

Enter the nefarious and devious types who use this outlet to create a false or doctored persona. With this information at hand, they are logging in under a phony username and bringing a story to the table that rivals a soap opera. The story might be true or it might be false. How does one check when you’re half a continent away or a city away? It’s hard enough for a spouse to find out their partner is cheating; how would you ever know it online?  Continue reading

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Toronto woman sues Rogers after her affair is exposed –

Toronto woman sues Rogers after her affair is exposed –

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Chasing Bad

We know the types. The bad boy/bad girl images. Why do we insist on chasing after it? Is the thought of the chase and capture the allure or is it the excitement and dangerous edge that these individuals bring to our mundane, ho-hum existence. Living life vicariously through someone else, escaping the duldrums of our everyday life, maybe that’s it. It’s a classic no win situation. Trying to live your life Continue reading

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I love this expression; you can use it anyday, any way. It can mean just about anything. It’s a classic Italian line  that’s been used in just about every movie and TV show prominently featuring Italians. Why it’s even MORE Italian than pasta!

You cheated on your wife. Fuhgeddaboudit. You stole property that didn’t belong to you and didn’t get caught. Fuhgeddaboudit. Continue reading