Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

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Montreal police forensic investigators exit a forensic transport vehicle at the scene where Cinthia Toussaint's body was discovered inside a manhole in a park on the corner of De Louvain and Papineau in St. Michel in Montreal on Saturday, May 22, 2010

In their modest Ahuntsic home, they grieve. They grieve the loss of a daughter, a sister and a mother. At the age of 23, her life has been snuffed out. Her body disposed of in a manhole just north of where she had a proposed rendezvous with her child’s father. Her name is Cinthia Toussaint and her family and friends, now instead of searching for her will be planning her funeral and following the court’s proceedings in her murder trial.


Standing accused is the ex-boyfriend 26 year old Mario Romain. He is also the  father of her 3 year child  Another tragic tale of a young child’s life hanging in limbo because of circumstances out of their control. A young mother dead and the father charged in her murder.

A friend/cousin of the accused has recently come forward and voiced concerns of his own. He has stated that “his cousin is a financial adviser whose reputation has been ruined by his arrest and the publication of his name and photo in Quebec media.”  He also goes so far to profess his cousin’s innocence in the murder, .“I’m really surprised by this. He’s a good man. There’s something wrong with the way he’s been accused and the way this has been covered in the media. He’s got to clear his name, but how is he going to do that?” These could be well-meaning and honest remarks but they lie in stark contrast to the grief and excruciating pain of Cinthia’s mother, Marie-Ange Auguste who has now become the custodian of her daughter’s young son.

Toussaint’s mother said there are a number of threatening text messages from the ex on her daughter’s cellphone and that the police – who have yet to talk to her – should collect them as evidence. The accused’s cousin  said he did not know of any such threats.

He responds by saying this, “There’s a lot she’s not saying. If your daughter is covered in tattoos and goes out to the bars every night, you should be asking yourself some questions.” This unfortunately comes across  as a personal attack of the victim in light of  her demise and the depositing of her remains in  a manhole.  Did Cinthia deserve to die as a result of this; No. In all reports she was spoken of as a good mother and a good person. Most assuredly their lives and habits will be dissected and put out on display for all to see during the courtroom proceeding.
Auguste, Cinthia’s mother,  immigrated here from Haiti in 1983. Her two daughters and one son were born here and went to school here. Their father now lives outside the home; Auguste is a single mom. She and her small family are devastated.  “The man who took my daughter away will pay for sacrificing her like he did,” she vowed. “She never did anything to deserve it. I want her murderer to go to prison for life.”

There are facets of this case that will no doubt surface through the transition from police investigation to the court system, but the facts so far are as such:

Toussaint went missing early Monday morning. Her family says she went for a rendez-vous with her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, 26-year-old Mario Romain, in the Taz skateboarding park, just south of where her body was found five days later.

Two dozen officers, a Sûreté du Québec helicopter and sniffer dogs searched the area unsuccessfully Tuesday and Wednesday. They converged on the northern parking lot Saturday after a woman reported seeing what looked like a body through the grille of a manhole cover.
Police arrested Romain on Saturday, and announced late Sunday night that they had charged him with first-degree murder. He is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

the accused - Mario Romain



Speculation and suppositions are rampant and as in many of life’s trial and tribulations, the facts and the slant of bias is up for debate. The fact remains that a 23 year old is now dead, murdered by someone who felt her life held no value. Or perhaps, it was a crime of passion. It could have a financial motive as the accused was allegedly paying child support to the victim for their son. Maybe there were angry words and bitter tears of rejection and blame. Doesn’t matter, a person does not get to be judge, jury and executioner in our world that touts justice for all. For all we know at this point, this case could be a time where the justice system has let the individual fall through the cracks.

“Bad people destroyed my daughter’s life,” said Auguste.

Somewhere between the beliefs and circumstances of these two intersecting lives will be a common thread of truth. While not wanting a innocent man to be slandered unnecessarily, justice will turn its wheels slowly in the process and it may be some time for his name to be cleared, if indeed he is innocent of the crime in question.  For the sake of this small child who has lost his mother and stands to lose his father as well, one can only hope that the accused in this case is innocent. Of the young innocent son, his aunt states the following: . “He senses that his mother is not coming back,” Marie-Genise Toussaint said.

“At night I’m the one who has to go console him. He just cries and cries and cries.”

As of May 24t,h – the accused Mario Romain has pled not-guilty to the charge of first degree murder in the death of Cinthia Toussaint.

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