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Fabrications; A Liar’s Stock In Trade

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Bess Motta, 20 minute workout, '80's

There are very few humourous things about dealing with the lies and the damage that those lies do, but as the years have passed there have been some “whoppers”. These same whoppers in their fantasy and imaginative framework cannot help but make one think that the teller  of these tales must be losing their mental faculties.

The story starts out with mistress number 2 who has no idea or doesn’t care to know any particulars past her relationship with my ex, including run-ins with mistress number one on a couple of different occasions. Denial is certainly a very strong preservation tactic. I can certainly understand her desire to leave the past in the past. Whatever her reasons, we’ve talked some on the matter but altogether very little of consequence on the topic of my ex and events leading up to their ending up together. That’s okay; perhaps it’s for another day or maybe never. Getting to know her quite well in the latter years of their relationship was interesting to say the least. I was privvy to information that got me to thinking about the dates and how they coincided with  other things that he was involved with in our familial environment. Nonetheless, we pushed on and carved a small friendship,she and I. Ironically, when she had had enough of him and his reckless spending and ever-persistent credit and money hounds, she gave him the heave-ho and wanted to talk to me. Imagine that. My ex, of course, predictably freaked out and said “What the F**K do you want to talk to HER for?” Obviously the woman felt that there was knowledge to be shared at this time and that I could provide it. Too bad I discovered the length and breadth of his deceptions much to late to provide her with some insights and wisdoms on that subject. Regardless, the point that I’m making is that we shared a commonality and a bond of sorts.

That being said, let me share a little further insight with you. The humourous one. Recall, if you’re old enough, the 20-minute workout. I remember it well, for I used to  watch it daily on the days that I worked nights. I would come home from a night shift, energetic and young that I was at the time, and do the 20 minute workout before I crashed to sleep for a while. I got to know the faces and names fairly well. Well the funny thing was that mistress number 2 was a curly-haired, energetic and athletic woman. Apparently in order to ingratiate himself with his colleagues and people that he met, he would let them know that she had been a twenty minute workout girl. Actually not just any girl, she was the main instructor. When I heard this, I laughed in disbelief. My late teen/early twenties memories have dulled and paled by the course of events that has led my life down an unexpected path…however, I do recall the faces of some of the key instructors. My ex, for years now, has been passing this mis-information along in order to make himself into something that he is not. How that must have raised his self-esteem to be able to boast that he was living with an aerobics instructor. Heck not just any aerobics instructor…she was THE 20 minute workout girl of the ’80s. Except for one small detail…the main instructor was a woman by the name of Bess Motta from the US whose other claims to fame include bit roles in movies including one as Sarah’s room mate in the first Terminator movie. This is the type of fantasy meets real life that this man is capable of spiralling into a believable yarn that provides only one thing. That one thing is the ever important, ever necessary boost to his flailing self-esteem…IMAGINE, what a loser it would take to fabricate and perpetuate that lie over and over again. He had a convenient story to go along with it. To embellish it actually. She had a store after her time on the show for sporting goods and apparently went bankrupt doing this in years past. Whether that is in fact the truth or yet another fabrication, I certainly don’t know for sure as she never mentioned it to me. The real irony is that he never tried to snow me over with the 20 minute workout story…why, you ask! Because he knew very well that I remembered that show very well as he knew I used to take part in it on a daily basis. He also knew that I had the foresight and the resources to find out the verified story right from the horse’s mouth…

Funny in a kind of pathetic way. It’s one of those things in life that  makes you go …hmmmm!

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One thought on “Fabrications; A Liar’s Stock In Trade

  1. Funny but I believed the story and was asked by a number people if it were true?

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