Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Sorrow In Orangeville

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Protect those you love; take the first steps

Sorrow in Orangeville, the human remains have been confirmed as Sonia Varaschin, the 42 yr old nurse that went missing last week

From the moment the news media sent out reports of a missing 42 year old nurse from Orangeville Ontario, people from all over the globe have been watchful and offering their support and resources. In a quaint city of approx. 28,000 residents the wondering turned to sorrow when human remains were found by a passer-by walking their dog on Sunday. Seven days of hope, questions and sorrow culminating today in a press release notifying the public that the remains discovered 12 km from Sonia Varaschin’s home were indeed the well-respected nurse.

What could a nurse who was the embodiment of all that is caring and compassionate have done to deserve a cruel end such as this? Not only did she bring her lightness and love into her work, but she went that extra mile by putting bandages on a “wounded” dinosaur toy of one of her patients, on one instance at least writing out a “prescription” for yet another young patient prescribing the need for a teddy bear. For all the reports that have come to light in the week since her disappearance, they agree on one basic point. Sonia Varaschin was a vivacious person with a love for life.
The police vow to leave no stone unturned in their investigation. They are adamant that the killer will be caught and put to justice for they have not one but three crime scenes to process in their ongoing query of what happened to Sonia. Her home, her car and the scene where her remains were cast in a manner that no one should be left when the end comes.
For certain, Sonia has come home, for that all are grateful. But an end to such a radiant life in this way by someone else’s hand is no doubt a wound that will never heal. The comfort is that she has been found. Small comfort for those who are left too numbed to grieve.
Now she is home; rescued from the cruel hands that robbed her of her precious life and into the warm, welcoming arms of those who care for her.


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