Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Katie and Jaycee – Finally Free

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Katie Callaway Hall, circa 1970's

Protection and prevention is what is all about. Registering relationships, good and bad, can save someone else the pain that you experienced.

Katie first encountered Phillip Garrido back in November of 1976. That’s when Katie learned firsthand how evil and manipulative Garrido can be.

Katie Callaway Hall (Katie) was just 25 years old and working in a casino in South Lake Tahoe, California, when on November 22, 1976, she was kidnapped by Garrido outside of a supermarket, handcuffed, tied, and driven in her own car to a mini-warehouse in Nevada.

For the next eight hours, she was repeatedly raped and assaulted by Garrido until, miraculously, she was rescued by a policeman who noticed a broken lock on the building and investigated it. A  frightened young woman who believed she was going to die at the hands of Garrido as he held her captive.

She had been imprisoned in a room specially designed for rape and torture.  Garrido had created a maze of hanging carpets that concealed a mattress he had hidden deep inside.

Katie Callaway Hall, recent photo

Garrido, who was only a year older than Katie, had clearly already started stalking and assaulting women; she learned later at his trial that she was actually the second woman he had attacked that very evening. The first had somehow managed to escape him. Katie wasn’t as lucky.

Garrido was hit with both Federal and State charges for kidnapping and rape. Katie, who only had to testify at the federal trial, still bristles when she remembers how Garrido’s defense attorney tried to place the blame on her, questioning what she wore the night she was kidnapped.

Still, Garrido was found guilty and sentenced to fifty years to life in federal court and later pleaded guilty to state charges which added another life sentence. That should have been the end of the story, but just eleven years later, in 1988, while working at a table in casino, Katie came face-to-face again with the man who ruined her life. Garrido, the convicted sex offender, the man who had been given a life sentence, had been paroled and had somehow tracked her down! He had spent 10 years in a federal prison and less than a year in a state institution and was released to a halfway house.

Katie, shocked and scared, tracked down his parole officer, who admitted that he believed Garrido was likely to strike again, but trying to reassure her, told her that he doubted Garrido would go after her again.

Katie now believes, she says, that Garrido was granted early parole because the manipulative sex offender had lied to his parole officer and convinced authorities that she had been his “girlfriend” and had falsely accused him of rape.

Jaycee Lee Dugard, finally free after 18 years

This smooth manipulator went on to abduct a young Jaycee Lee Dugard. In 1991, Jayce, then 11 was forced into a car outside of her California home by an unidentified man and woman.

Her stepfather Carl Probyn watched the abduction in horror. He gave chase, but the car sped out of sight. Jaycee was not heard from again for 18 years.

For these long years, Garrido managed to elude detection as he pulled off what authorities are calling an unfathomable crime, kidnapping Jaycee, keeping her as his secret sex slave for nearly two decades and fathering her two children.

Katie Callaway Hall wants to see Garrido behind bars this time for life so he can no longer hurt women as he did her and Jaycee.

As for  Jaycee, her mother and her two daughters are focused on becoming a family again, undergoing therapy – including horseback riding – together.

The family are also spending time reading, cooking, and simply being together again. Their spokeswoman told the magazine that under the circumstances their new life so far has been surprisingly normal

Jaycee’s mother had this to say about her daughter, ‘She knows this is not going to be the easiest road that she’s ever traveled, but she is just very upbeat, giddy that she’s with her family.’

Nevertheless the family appear determined to move forward. For the time being, keeping the world at an arm’s length appears to be a key part of their recovery as they rebuild their relationship.


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