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“Voice” Told Me To Kill Her

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Wilde says, "the next thing I know I have my hands around her neck."

A voice told him to do it, he said in court.

This is what the father accused of strangling his eight-year-old daughter in her North York bedroom told a Toronto courtroom during his murder trial Friday.

“It was the voice that started it,” Richard Wilde spoke of Oct. 18, 2007, the day he killed his daughter, Megan.

Wilde, whose defence lawyer is claiming he was not criminally responsible for Megan’s death, told the University Ave. courtroom how his daughter had a bath and read him a bedtime story.

“The next thing I know, I have my hands around her neck,” he said.

“I had my hands around her neck and I choked her to death.”

After his daughter stopped breathing, Wilde secured the belt from her bathrobe around her neck to make sure she didn’t come back to life, he said.

Asked what the voice in his head told him before he strangled his daughter, Wilde said: “Something to the effect of, ‘Perhaps it’s a good time for your daughter to die.’”

He had heard voices before and had had thoughts about harming his family, but had never heard a voice telling him to kill, Wilde said.

“I didn’t realize that it was wrong,” he said, clad in glasses and a maroon, button-up shirt, with a bandage across his forehead and his mouth gaping open between statements. “It was a natural event that was supposed to happen.”

Not until after he showered did he realize what he had done was wrong, a feeling that was “like coming out of a daze,” he said.

“So you’ve always known that it was wrong to kill other people until you were in Megan’s room that night,” Crown attorney Allison MacPherson said.

“Is this the first time you’ve ever had a voice tell you something like this?” she asked Wilde.

“Yes,” he responded.

After his daughter was dead, Wilde walked from his Thimble Berry Dr. townhouse to a police station.

“I didn’t tell Karen (Megan’s mother) because I was ashamed,” he told court.

Justice Gary Trotter asked Wilde, “Did you say anything to Megan before you strangled her?” to which he responded, “I did not, sir.”

After the death of the Grade 3 Cliffwood Public School student, neighbours described her father as a deeply religious, but antisocial man.

Court heard that Wilde had been hospitalized in the past for suicide attempts.

Two psychiatrists are scheduled to testify Monday. Deliberations are expected to begin Thursday.


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