Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

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The Facade

They are the crimes that make us look at our partners and wonder if they are also capable of such atrocities. The horrid and unsettling acts that make us double-check the locks and make us agree to the telemarketers that call about the security system installations. They make us question our neighbours and close friends. Continue reading


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Russell Williams Confession Pt. 3

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Russell Williams Part 2 Confession

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Russell Williams Part 1 Confession

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Taped Confession Played In Courtroom

More than three hours into his interrogation, when Col. Russell Williams knew he was caught, he worried about what was happening to his wife and their “brand new house.”

Det. Sgt. Jim Smyth, part of the Ontario Provincial Police behavioural-sciences unit, had slowly and steadily brought Williams to the realization that they knew. About the two sexual assaults of his neighbours. About the murders of Jessica Lloyd 10 days before and Marie-France Comeau two months before.

He’d come in confidently at 3 p.m. on Feb. 7, 2010, to the police interrogation room in Ottawa, the court heard Wednesday on the third day of Williams’ hearing on 88 criminal charges. Continue reading

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A Journey Into Depravity

Russell Williams poses wearing women's lingerie

“He’s just a very twisted individual; there’s no two ways about it,” said retired lieutenant-general Angus Watt, who once promoted Williams.

“He was able to lead an elaborate double life and was able to keep it successfully concealed. This was the act of a depraved individual and really has no reflection on the men and women of the Canadian Forces.”

The disgraced cross-dressing commander of Canada’s largest air force base pleaded guilty on Monday to 86 lurid sex crimes, including two murders that “stunned” the military.

Colonel Russell Williams, 47, a married pilot who once flew the jet used to ferry Canada’s prime minister as well as the British royal family on a visit, displayed no emotion as he admitted to his crimes in a courtroom in Belleville, Ontario. Continue reading


Hiding Behind The Veil Of Normal

Crime scene tape surrounds 62 Cosy Cove Lane, owned by CFB Trenton commander Colonel Russell Williams and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Harriman.

The man Mary Elizabeth Harriman knew in her life was not the man who’s life is under scrutiny for the world to see. He would hold her hand on walks. They went on vacations, they golfed together, normal couple things that would raise no suspicions.

The two wed in June 1991 in a ceremony in Winnipeg. They were a power couple, with no children, and, due to the nature of Williams’ job,  they spent periods of time apart. Continue reading