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No “Miner” Offense

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Yonni Barrios, 50, hugs his mistress after exiting and becoming the 20th miner to be rescued from the San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile on Oct. 13, 2010

The world watched and waited as one miner after another was resurrected from the depths of the caved in gold and copper mine in San Jose. Riveted to their seats, holding their breath while one by one was brought to safety.  Enough drama for any one individual you would think, when speaking in terms of being buried alive for over two months.

Yonni Barrios, one of 33 men rescued after 69 death-defying days trapped in a collapsed mine in Chile hit headlines last week not only because he was one of the rescued, but also because he requested both his wife of 28 years and his mistress be there to greet him on the completion of his ascent. A request that his wife refused.  His mistress, with whom he has been living with for the last 5 years was on site to greet him.

Not one to rest on their laurels (or their morals either for that matter), Ashley Madison has pounced all over this golden moment and the rumour is it that this newly unearthed miner will be offered the job of spokesman for the infamously degrading website.  Word is that the offer will bring the Chilean miner a $100,000 endorsement deal to be the Spanish-speaking spokesperson for the site. No chump change for a poor miner looking for a way out (pun intended).

According to the contract, Barrios’s responsibilities would include starring in TV commercials, radio ads and public appearances in North, South and Central America.

The one proviso is that he must remain married to his wife.  We’ll see how well that works out for him; as his wife doesn’t seem to be buying into it.

“To date our Spanish language service has been a tremendous success in the United States. Since its launch over 17 percent of new members on are Spanish speaking,” added the site’s President, Noel Biderman….PFFFT!

No confirmation that the deal has been accepted has been provided. Is there any depth that AshMad will NOT stoop to? Any excuse for a shameless AshMad promotion will do!


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