Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

The Facade

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They are the crimes that make us look at our partners and wonder if they are also capable of such atrocities. The horrid and unsettling acts that make us double-check the locks and make us agree to the telemarketers that call about the security system installations. They make us question our neighbours and close friends. Such are the crimes of Paul Bernardo, Ted Bundy or more recently Russ Williams, the decorated officer convicted last week of crimes and victimizations so callous and so personal.

We can’t help but be curious about the details; it’s what we do as humans. The quest for the answers rather than a sick fascination. We need to know the hows and whys to protect ourselves from the same plight as these young women. Young women who deserved the right to live rather than fall prey to the likes of the former col.who was stripped of his title last week when he admitted and was sentenced in the torture deaths of Marie-France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd. Also disturbing was the fact that this man was able to gain access to numerous homes without the owners being aware until after his catalogued underwear collection came to light during the investigation of the murders.

We are in essence held prisoner ourselves by the shocking facts that were released by the media. Held fast and grappling for more and more information in a search of the subtleties of the events. Struggling to see if we, ourselves, could ever fall victim to the likes of these men. We are faced with the simple, stark realization that, yes, we could fall prey. The reasoning behind this discovery is that obviously he was so good at perpetuating the false front that even family members and close friends were none the wiser. Thankfully, the likes of this predator are few and far between. That’s the good news. BUT…why is it so hard to believe that shades of gray exist in our society.

There may not be another Russell Williams or Paul Bernardo lurking about right now, but what of the more subtle predators prancing in and out of our lives and in our circle of friends. If we know this type of person exists or has existed, why do we turn a blind eye or refute the possibility of lesser criminals. The ones who haven’t done anything in order to create the notoriety that we’ve seen associated with the repeat offenders. The ones that make the rank and file of the police investigations and media frenzies.

Blind eyes and trusting souls. A recipe for disaster unless you just happen to have caught the attention of a truly good and honest soul. Trust is good and right. But fool-hardy, rash decisions based on only what you have been told by your partner and his family just might not cut the muster. They are the thieves that you invite into your homes and lives. In some cases, you are the unwitting spouse or partner. Perhaps the business partner or maybe this person is a parent or family member. The thieves that rob you of your innocence, trust, finances and good will. Only to be faced with uncertainty, tears and unimaginable pain and scars. In most cases, you’re left alive. Trying to scramble and pickup the pieces of your shattered life. What makes these individuals any better. We need to have a zero tolerance for these kind of actions.

For certain, there are others who remain beneath the radar because their crimes are hidden or the lies too believable.  If they were as few and far between as a serial killer, the percentage of people affected may be minimal. Still too many regardless. One victim is one too many. To bring my point home though, there are more persons quietly offending below the radar than are serial murderers. Those are the ones that we need to watch for day in and day out.

Just a thought.


One thought on “The Facade

  1. I am involved in a massive lawsuit – that has spanned almost five years – for my part with a cheating man. I said “no”. In doing so, he retaliated. In a big way. He is a multi-millionaire and I was a hobby for him. Needless to say, I lost my company and found myself a pro se plaintiff / defendant in three lawsuits because of this man’s financial and social status.

    The attrocity is this man is married – has been for over 45 years. It wasn’t until this year that mistresses began coming out of the woodwork. One – an eight year affair this man had at work – has volunteered to assist me with my trial. When she met him, she thought he was single.

    This man – now 73 years old – still finds the time to run around and cheat on his wife – who still stands by her man! Yeah for her – and so very traumatic for me. The woman who said no and is still enduring the wrath of this man’s retaliation for rebuffing his physical advances.

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