Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

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Ashley Madison Promises “Sex or Get Your Money Back”

It appears that Noel Biderman is trying to save the flailing image of Ashley Madison once again. He’s failed to have the Toronto Transit Commission put the Ashley Madison  logo along the entire fleet of buses. He’s failed at the putting ads on the Super Bowl games. He’s long been accused of having fake women responding to the men on the site. The site charges for men, but the women get a “free ride” in order to have actual women on the site.

But to his credit, this sleaze-ball is persistent. Continue reading


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ABC’s 20/20 Segment – Aired June 2011

This segment talks about the Kelley Cahill ordeal featured on ABC’s “We Find Them”. Demonstrating one more reason that should be a part of all of our lives – good relationships or bad; they all need

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Fabrications: A Liar’s Stock In Trade – 2

As I sift through the what I now know was a sham of a life I had with Onion Boy, more times than not, I find myself wondering WHY the need for all the lies. They’re so multi-layered, that it’s hard to relay them in a lucid and understandable manner.

The ability to fabricate and lie Continue reading

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Amid Disbelief; The Ruling is Not Guilty

Caylee, age 2, whose body was recovered late 2008.

The news rocked the world following the “not guilty” ruling of Casey Anthony today in a Florida courtroom.

The mother of slain 2 year old Caylee, who went missing in 2008, will walk away from the death penalty and the first degree murder charge. The media and trial followers have been riveted by the proceedings. Alleging everything from accidental drowning to accusations of molestation; Continue reading