Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Fabrications: A Liar’s Stock In Trade – 2

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As I sift through the what I now know was a sham of a life I had with Onion Boy, more times than not, I find myself wondering WHY the need for all the lies. They’re so multi-layered, that it’s hard to relay them in a lucid and understandable manner.

The ability to fabricate and lie obviously pre-dates my relationship with him and was firmly in place during the early years of courtship and marriage. So obvious now, I am dumbfounded as to how a reasonably intelligent, questioning youg woman as myself at the time could be so snowballed and buried underneath them. One such revelation begs more questions to be asked than the truth answers.

During college days, we both attended in the Toronto area. Myself in the Brampton area and Onion Boy at the Scarborough campus of University of Toronto. Admittedly he spoke of his dislike for the chosen course and spent, according to him, more time in the cafeteria playing cards than in the classroom. I wasn’t overly surprised at this since prior to this I had urged him to explore the possibilities of getting into another program where I thought his talents for drawing and designing buildings might lead him into the architectural field.

Nonetheless, after his wasted year, we reconnected and resumed our relationship. This was around 1982-83. Long before our marriage in 1988. During those six years, we maintained a long distance relationship, as I had moved back to my hometown and was employed there. Nothing too exciting there, until you look back with facts and knowing hearts and the events from the past. But more on that in a bit.

He remained in the east end of Scarborough where he found employment over the years working in the construction industry. He seemed to have found his niche and was content in his work. The years passed. At some point during those years, Scarborough Ontario was on high alert. The Scarborough rapist was on the loose and attacking primarily at bus stops. There were reports of peeping tom incidents as well. Some of these attacks and incidents were attributed to the Scarborough rapist….some, but not all.

When we married, he was insistent that my job was expendable and that because his paid more, we were to reside in the Scarborough region. One day, I answered a knock on the door and readily accepted a flyer being distributed by the police with a sketch of the rapist. I recall that evening, aside from the seriousness of the matter, we joked about how much the sketch ressembled his then-boss. We shrugged it off as a coincidence and it was, for the rapist soon re-located into the St.Catherines area and you will no doubt be familiar with him by his name – Paul Bernardo.

Paul Bernardo, convicted rapist and murderer

See video link below.

When the connection to Paul Bernardo was made on the murders in St.Catherines, a number of rapes in Scarborough were subsequently linked to him as well. Elizabeth Bain also went missing in that time, on June 19, 1990, never to be found. Her bloodied car was found close to the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus where it was last reported she was seen, on a less travelled street. Her boyfriend Robert Baltovitch was cleared in her murder/disappearance after having served eight years of his sentence.

Elizabeth Bain shown in a widely circulated photo following her disappearance.

So, you might ask what this all has to do with my tale of the Onion Boy. Interestingly enough, when I was piecing all the details together years later, something came to light which quite honestly still keeps me guessing.

When he was relating events to another woman, she asked him where he went to university. He told her he went to York University (his brother had attended there). Weird! He went so far as to admit that he had peeped in windows to see women undressing. Also, claiming to drive up and down the street picking up women who were waiting for the bus. Again weird! Additionally he told this woman that he had killed someone with a tire iron (a man) in his hometown of Woodstock Ontario at a drive-in theatre but bragged that he’d had never been caught in the crime or in the subsequent years. Weird again….and as far as I’ve ever known – completely untrue. Maybe. We moved to Mississauga in 1991 (to the opposite end of Toronto from where Scarborough is situated). Perhaps yet another coincidence? Or was there another reason?

So why the need for these stories, or are they in fact based on some truths? Or were they designed to keep this woman fearful and completely under his thumb? Or did he tell her the different school location away from Scarborough so that she wouldn’t put the details together. for it was commonly known that both Paul Bernardo and Elizabeth Bain also attended Scarborough’s University of Toronto campus. To this day, there are unsolved attacks on women that Paul Bernardo refuses to lay claim to. He has already laid claim to several in the years since his incarceration…some but not all. The last attack attributed to him was in 1990.

Definitely food for thought. Intriguing in its ambiguity and troubling in the possibilities. Once upon a time, I trusted this man so completely. Could it possibly be that he could be responsible for any of the crimes in the Scarborough area?

Anybody with the knowledge in the basics of criminology knows that sexual voyeurism often escalates into more brutal crimes if in fact that part of his story is true. As far as a coincidence goes. Well, the jury’s still out on that one. In the words of William S. Burroughs “In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen.”

One thing is certain, the man I thought I knew, was not the man I thought i knew. As to what he’s capable of, I cannot say for sure. I only know of the dreadful atrocities I’ve discovered to date. The rest is up for speculation.


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