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Is Facebook Ruining Your Relationship?

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Over 30% of all divorces are directly related to Facebook.

Social networking; the great way to keep in touch and communicate with people all over the world. Social networking: the death of the relationship? There are more and more reports of Facebook as the leading cause of a divorce. The statistics are showing over 30% of all divorces are caused by…you guessed it…Facebook or some other social networking site.

There are so many positives to connecting with the global masses and bringing people closer who you’ve lost touch with, that the negatives are soon forgotten until they are too late to recoup the damages.

Here are some of the negatives that impact relationships in an extremely damaging way:

Insecurities – Those that are already insecure become insecure ten-fold when faced with social networking and their partners. Their already compromised ability to trust their spouse while they’re on a social network site takes on a whole new meaning when faced with photos of a life before them or posts from an ex or close school mate are published. Understandably, for a couple who are equally trusting of their mate usually don’t have the same negative reaction. All in all, Facebook has a tendency to cause these nasty little insecurities to rear their ugly heads. The green eyed monster is ready and waiting inside all of us; it’s how we deal with it that sets us apart.

The Consummate Time Waster – Time in relationships between jobs, kids and just life in general is at a premium. If your extra time and energy is spent at the computer in front of Facebook instead of with your partner, the result is a failed relationship. Every partnership requires the care, quality of time and attention in order to nurture it. When your partner feels like they get the short end of the stick in the relationship department because your Facebook friends are more important than they are to you, it’s a kiss of death for your current love interest. If you’re able to set minimums as a couple and still have the energy to keep the spark alive in your love-life and chat it up in the communication department; then you and your partner will survive the dreaded Facebook attack.

Disorders and Health issues – Relationships aren’t the only thing suffering; users of Facebook have experienced a lot of negative effects on their health. Commonly noted are depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts and other psychological disorders such as feelings of neglect and abandonment. It’s a pretty hefty list. Most frequently these are felt by someone who feels abandoned by their significant other  because of the other partner’s use of Facebook or by someone who has had their partner leave them for someone else they found on social networking sites.

Cheaters flourish – Those that want to cheat will. Facebook gives them a great platform in which to approach and carry on an extramarital affair. The very nature of a social networking site and the ability to block people or filter friends offers a great way of ruining a relationship by cheating as the world has ever seen. For those trusting souls who think their insecure partner would never cheat have often realized that the relationship commitment was one-sided. Fueled by the fresh chats of a forbidden and secret friend, emotional cheating is at the highest rate ever. Again, it’s a case of those looking to cheat will always find a way.

All in all, Facebook on the whole can be a very destructive and debilitating use of time and energy. However, it remains the truth of the future and the best we can hope for is the common sense to step away from the deluge of Facebook friends a little more and spend the time with the friends that have always been there for us and the partner who we’ve chosen to spend our life with. If we keep our finger on the pulse of a relationship then it will survive the wrath of Facebook.


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