Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Some Stories Must Be Told


Movies are meant to engross, entertain and amuse. Every now and again one comes along that tells the tale in such a way that it provokes you into action or deeper thought. I watched one such movie recently. To be honest, it’s because it’s based on a true story and one that commonly occurs in parts of the world today, that it troubles my mind to think about it.

Forms of punishment and torture are often gruesome, but add to that the indignity and betrayal of an innocent victim with no voice. Please watch this excerpt; and then take the time to watch the entire movie and see if you’re not moved to the point of anger that such punishment is still being practiced in this day and age. Barbaric and torturous are only two of the adjectives that I think of when I see this; in fact I have not been able to watch the entire scene to date.

Be mindful of the fact that this is a man who has started gossip and provided false witness to the fact that his innocent wife has committed adultery. Please take the time to watch the movie; it’s an important message about how those without a voice suffer. It’s easy to think and know that stoning exists, but how many of us actually have seen the horrific actions! This movie does not back away from tackling a problem that exists today; neither should a viewer!

The Stoning of Soraya M.


2 thoughts on “Some Stories Must Be Told

  1. Horrific. I confess I couldn’t watch it all. I don’t believe in any form of death penalty but this is a particularly horrendous one.

  2. Wow…. I couldn’t watch that entire clip. I have no words.

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