Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Simply Marvelous




The other day I captured this image looking thru our backyard and into the distance. It reminded me to always think of the great simple pleasures in life. We all can, if only we take the time to look around.

It’s tough though, I’ve been guilty of being too busy or too caught up in some blasted thing or another to really appreciate something that’s come my way. I’m sure I’m not alone. Craziness seems to run rampant in our life and times; it just seems to get worse rather than better.

As I age, (figuratively only of course, as i prefer to think of myself still as that wild and crazy ’80s girl with the pouffy hair and the cut-off, off-the-shoulder shirts…lol) I find that I radiate quite naturally to the simplicities of life. My simple life is not boring, but actually quite busy. While I put my musings down here, I feel compelled to remind you that simple doesn’t have to be boring. Au contraire mon frere!! All it means is that I enjoy being away from chaos and in fact, I will do my darndest to keep it out of my life. Busy but not chaotic…get it?

Chaos is of course all relative, as is anything in life. From a personal standpoint, my life in chaos was all I knew for several years ’til I broke through the surface and as such I value a simpler code much more than this eighties girl at heart could ever have imagined. I’m content to be content and have it be nothing more than that. It’s nice to catch your breath and relax when life used to be such a wicked mix of emotional upheaval and physical pain. The kind of pain that you really don’t know what end is up….you just keep on keepin’ on…primarily because you feel trapped and out of options. Always on the alert for the next event that turns your apple-cart upside down. It’s tiring…and I grew weary.

For now, I’m content to trade in those leather pants (aw heck, who am I kidding, they wouldn’t fit anyway!! ) for some comfy gardening clothes and give up my super glue, super ‘do hairspray for a fishing rod to call my own. ( a past time that i never, ever, EVER, thought I’d enjoy, never mind LOVE!) But I’m in a journey to re-discover myself and solitude or quiet times are just what are needed.

It’s amazing how 10 years distance from a ridiculously horrible part of your life can give you a new outlook; a new lease on life as it were. How when the clouds lift, you can again find your place again in the sun. 🙂

….and this eighties, metal-head kinda gal loves the sun!!


2 thoughts on “Simply Marvelous

  1. Gorgeous! And heck, even three years out looks magnificent!

  2. Wonderful, even small distances can bring us closer to simplicity.

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