Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Truth Seekers


This post is dedicated to my friends who have persevered with their own personal issues and have emerged on a new day, fortified by the truth and moved forward by their convictions. This post is also for those of my friends who continue to fight the good fight as they search for the truth and sanity in this wonderful journey called life. Each one of you is special by your very nature. Some of you are new friends, some are old ( πŸ™‚ don’t get touchy, I was speaking in terms of length of our relationship ) and some of you have come in and out of my life when I needed you most. Whether it’s your humour, your insights or your pure backbone in the face of whatever life has thrown you; you have been an inspiration to me. I salute each and every one of you.

I am blessed to have had some pretty amazing people in my life. The bad, well, that’s for another day.

In life and situations, the good should always outweigh the bad. This has been a credo of mine and for the most part, it’s served me pretty well. It helps to set balance and order in what otherwise could be chaos. By chaos, I’m talking about the self-serving way that many of my generation of baby-boomers live their lives. It seems that so many of today’s problems stem from this generations need for convenience and ease. Financial burdens are huge and rampant by many I’ve known in my circle. In part because of the short-sighted, climb-the-ladder, get-rich-quick schemes. It also follows that this generation would have been raised by a stricter set of principles. Spare the rod; spoil the child, so to speak. While I’ve never been a fan of beating a child with a stick to get your point across, I’m not opposed to a quick spank on a diaper-bottom to get your point across. It kind of makes the child sit back and connect the dots. Kid rationalizes it: Ok, mom didn’t like that because it was the wrong thing to do and I definitely didn’t like the spank on the bottom; so I guess I won’t do that again. If these instances are few and far between, your message will be loud and clear. If the little spanks happen too often, the child will learn to ignore them, and they’ll lose their effectiveness. A delicate balance.

It’s the same with the whole truth vs lies thing. When we start assuming that everyone tells the truth, the lies grow into something that’s larger than life. If we could only give those adults a quick spank and say ENOUGH ALREADY! Or maybe we just have to call them on the BS. Often it’s easier to turn the other cheek and chalk it up to bad manners. It’s the same in life; you have to pick your battles. They’re all not worth your time and energy.

The friends that I’ve been blessed with are not necessarily people that I see everyday, or have kept in touch with. Some of them I’ve never personally met. But the unquestionable bond is there, as is the understanding that they’ve got my back and I’ve got theirs. It’s often an invisible thread that defines us in our life, what we do for others..and what we share with others. It doesn’t require the constant supply of gratification; it’s just there. Simple and silent conviction in actions, not just words. It’s both gratifying and humbling. I’ve been so fortunate.

Ironically, during the 3 years that I’ve been writing in this blog, I’ve only let a handful of people into my deep, dark thoughts as I unravel the mysteries of the past. But that’s not the shortcomings of my friends. It’s merely self-preservation while I sort the garbage out. This blog is like my personal file folder. It’s a little jumbled in places and some things are mis-filed. But hey, that’s been my life and it’s ok. In recent days, I’ve mustered up the courage (or the stupidity?) to send the link to friends and family. At this moment, I would like to send a special message to a fellow blogger. Through her journey and her fortitude (her sense of humour also), she has been a true example to me of someone that has fought off the demons despite being pushed around and trampled. She has, without knowing it, lead by example. and I thank her. For without having met her, I doubt I would have had the resolve to push that “send message” button.

My friends, both old and new, are truth seekers much like myself. We feel more comfortable and can deal with the truth easier than dealing with the emotions and turbulence that the half-truths and lies cause. For this type of person, the truth is the easy way out…not the lie. They surely know that “the truth shall set you free”. (At this time, feel free to pump your fist in the air and holler “Hell yes it does!”) Knowing this though, it makes me wonder why the truth makes people squirm so and why the lie is so much more convenient. As a fellow blogger said, sometimes it’s the kinder gentler way of letting someone down. Kind of like the old saying, “do these jeans make my ass look big”. Sure, I get that….but does that pave the way for the lies to become something that’s acceptable? It’s kind of a catch-22. If you allow yourself to do this, does it make the next lie easier to tell? And do the tales get more elaborate when you first tell a lie and are uncomfortably caught in it? Very likely so.

So, to my friends, my fellow truth seekers. Stay strong and true; the people that admire you the most for your resolve may not hand out the compliments readily. But rest assured, your truth equates to strength and your strength tumbles headfirst into respect. And for that, I admire and respect you all.


6 thoughts on “Truth Seekers

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  2. i enjoyed this immensely, thanks for sharing

  3. wonderful post πŸ™‚

  4. i hate liars. they make life so difficult and frustrating too.

  5. this was very interesting. thanks

  6. very good post.

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