Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Cast A Positive Light

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Pretty flowers…but a pretty important message.

Sometimes I like to post something that’s a little more upbeat and positive. The subject matter is sometimes very heavy and dark on this blog. It’s important to let the light in from time to time and make sure that there is some equilibrium. The good with the bad. It keeps us sane and grounded; nobody wants to hear the bad all the time. It just drags you down and keeps you there. I prefer to reach for the sunlight from time to time like a flower in a garden. Corny, but true.

I’ve been a big fan of history tho’ it wasn’t a strong suit in school. I truly believe it’s important to always remember where we’ve been, what we’ve done, in order to know where we’re headed.

Whether it changes the path of humankind to know the events of the past, I’m not sure. It seems like it’s a day and age where everyone appears to be running amok. On a more personal level though, I think it can strike a pretty important note. For many readers, people (myself included) will be enriched in the knowledge that we have not only seen it…we’ve bought the bloody t-shirt when it comes to learning some of love and relationship’s lessons the hard way. Enriched you say!? Yes, definitely.

If you really think on it, being down so far, the only way we have to travel is up.

And WHAT a learning curve and growing experience it is! Life-changing…YES! Re-affirming…YES! And doesn’t it make us grateful to know how far we’ve come when there was a time we didn’t know which way to turn?

This is just a little reminder to tell you that it’s ok to be down from time to time. The whole darn process is tough. And it’s ok to be tired. We’ve fought one heck of a fight. And it’s ok to cry. There’s a piece of you that will never come back. But after you allow yourself whatever you need in the way of an emotional outlet; always remember those tough times that you thought you’d never make it through, then remember that you not only made it through; the emerging version of yourself is so much more alive and in touch… and then just let yourself smile.

A big ol’ ear-splitting grin.  Because the past may have withered and crushed your esteem but you’ve emerged in the springtime of your awakening. Rejuvenated and cautious; it’s not a bad combo to kick off your new beginning.

And dare to hope again…it’s important. For every piece of your life that you take back, it’s less you’ve lost to the darkness. And no matter what we’ve been through, we could all handle a little sunlight.


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