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Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Stewed Onions

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Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. – Carl Sandburg

Onions. They seem pretty harmless. Lots can be said about these little guys. I love symbolism and imagery, in case that one happened to slip by you. The life I shared with a sociopath reminded me so much of the characteristics of an onion that I named several posts with that in mind. If you haven’t taken the time to read “The Exploits and Misadventures of Onion Boy” series on this blog, then feel free to do so. It’s hard to follow and out of sequence. But admittedly the jumbled mess that was my life has left me scrambling to seek answers. I guess in part that’s the reason for the chaos in the numbering of the sequences. Some day, I’ll re-write them and put them in order, but for now hopefully it’ll be ok.

But back to the onions and how they relate to life. It’s ironic that the thing that adds so much flavour leaves such a residual nastiness. Peeling them is a task that never fails to bring tears to the eyes. Uncovering each layer brings a new flood. Identifying the onion and applying it to my time spent with my ex just made perfect sense to me. If you don’t think an onion (sociopath) invades your entire existence and gets into every niche of your life, you need to conduct a simple little scientific test. Cut an onion and rub it on your foot; you’ll wake up in the morning and you’ll taste onions. (don’t forget to throw away that onion…lol). Onions add flavour and pizzazz to a dish…it’s not a wonder that people radiate towards them and think that the onion is a perfect slice! I’ve been around lots of onion lovers that will throw down the gauntlet to protect their beloved little edible bulb. I’ve slipped down the slippery slope of symbolism again. Please forgive me.

But it’s a nasty bit of business dealing with someone who had these characteristics. Not an experience that I want to live through again. My hope is that someone, anyone who reads this, gets the msg and gets out before they get lost in the situation.

It’s just about time to do some more of the Onion Boy series; I feel it in my bones. I’ve been stewing about it for some time. The problem is I truly dislike re-visiting that chapter. We can talk all day about this and that…blah, blah, blah. The thing that really drives a point home is actually putting each situation down in writing and putting it into perspective. For the writer and for the reader. The biggest problem is that it’s so darned hard to write it in a non-chaotic way that someone new passing by this blog could possibly understand it. It was nothing but disorderly and messy; and the telling of it is difficult.

Regardless, I feel it’s important that I peel this proverbial onion for others to see just how the player’s mind works and how the hapless victim (did I just call myself that?) … scratch that….how the hopeful victim gets caught up in this roller coaster of ups and downs simply by caring too much and by hoping for life to get better.

There’ll be more Onion Boy soon, I promise.


One thought on “Stewed Onions

  1. would love to read more about onion boy, he’s such a jerk – good thing that that part’s all over and done! good on u!

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