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The Highway Of Heroes


Very moving tribute to our Canadian soldiers.

For visitors on this site who are not Canadian or weren’t aware, when our fallen come home to their final resting places across our great nation, they travel a stretch of the 401 Highway in Ontario referred to as “The Highway of Heroes”. People, in support of their fallen brothers and as a show of solidarity, stand on the overpasses and greet the soldier who has come home to rest.

In recognition of their sacrifice, please enjoy this video and reflect on their gift both to us and for people abroad.


3 thoughts on “The Highway Of Heroes

  1. That was a beautiful video…the bagpipes gave me goose bumps!
    I’m not Canadian, and I’ve never heard of the Highway of Heroes before. It touched me very much, and I wonder why we don’t do something similar here in the States.
    It is a wonderful, beautiful tribute. I’m amazed at the turnout on the overpasses. Thank you for showing me something new today –

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