Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

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To Teachers That Love Their Jobs

Many times we take the teachers that love their jobs for granted as parents. There are no other words necessary than the words spoken in this video.


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You’ll Never Stand Alone

As you listen to this beautiful song by Whitney Houston, please remember all the loved ones lost. Their names should remain in our hearts. While there is no turning back the pages of time; forgiveness for the actions and resolution to take action for a better world must be learned from this tragedy. The victims who meant so much to their family and friends must not have passed on in vain. The loss of innocence and fears of the survivors need to take solace in the fact that their nation and other countries are with them in solidarity and empathy. This must never happen again.

♥ Charlotte Bacon – 2/22/2006

♥ Daniel Barden – 9/25/2005

♥ Rachel Davino – 7/17/1983

♥ Olivia Engel – 7/18/2006

♥ Josephine Gay – 12/11/2005

♥ Ana M Marquez-Greene – 4/4/2006

♥ Dylan Hockley – 3/8/2006

♥ Dawn Hocksprung – 6/28/1965

♥ Madeleine F Hsu – 7/10/2006

♥ Catherine V Hubbard – 6/8/2006

♥ Chase Kowalski – 10/31/2005

♥ Jesse Lewis – 6/30/2006

♥ James Mattioli – 3/22/2006

♥ Grace McDonnell – 11/4/2005

♥ Anne Marie Murphy – 7/25/1960

♥ Emilie Parker – 5/12/2006

♥ Jack Pinto – 5/6/2006

♥ Noah Pozner – 11/20/2006

♥ Caroline Previdi – 9/7/2006

♥ Jessica Rekos – 5/10/2006

♥ Avielle Richman – 10/17/2006

♥ Lauren Russeau – 6/10/1982

♥ Mary Sherlach – 2/11/1956

♥ Victoria Soto – 11/04/1985

♥ Benjamin Wheeler – 9/12/2006

♥ Allison N Wyatt – 7/3/2006

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Blessings and Peace For All

Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends. May you have a holiday filled with family and fond memories.

Here’s a heartwarming video that serves as a reminder to all of us what the holiday message is all about.

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The Puppeteer And His Posse

Abuse is kind of like a puppet held in place by a string. Your puppeteer has a firm hand, a voice that projects itself into your mind and then there’s the game-playing that can literally make you dance to  their song. If the puppeteer is really good, you don’t even notice the strings. It’s all an act. One that you’re caught up in. The strings keep you tied to the hope of what was once what you believed your reality was. The sad reality is that broken strings would be in a sense, a reprieve, but you can’t move your hands to untie the knots. You’re caught up in a vicious circle of mental flip-flopping. Where will I go? What will I do? How will I manage?

There’s a kind of “black and white” value that is present when there’s physical, financial and sexual abuse.  There’s a trail. Whether it’s a paper trail or a physical sign; they leave their indelible mark. It’s a much clearer picture. It’s much harder to define, evaluate and get validation for the abuses caused by manipulation, lies, and deceit. In small doses, you’d probably have a difficult time identifying these factors as abuse or chalking them up to life’s ups and downs with a spouse. It would be just a transition in most cases. Brought on by difficult times or stressors.

When the isolated experiences are cemented in place by years; they develop into a pattern.  A repeat offender, so to speak. Continue reading


The Highway Of Heroes

Very moving tribute to our Canadian soldiers.

For visitors on this site who are not Canadian or weren’t aware, when our fallen come home to their final resting places across our great nation, they travel a stretch of the 401 Highway in Ontario referred to as “The Highway of Heroes”. People, in support of their fallen brothers and as a show of solidarity, stand on the overpasses and greet the soldier who has come home to rest.

In recognition of their sacrifice, please enjoy this video and reflect on their gift both to us and for people abroad.

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The Oldest Fireman

I don’t care if this clip is about a hundred years old, it’s still fresh and funny after all these years. Reliving my childhood; The Carol Burnett show was always a fav of mine! 🙂

Hope you enjoy it as much as I just did. Again



If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Here’s a mellow one for you to unwind with tonight. Always loved this song. (mind you the dude could use a haircut…lol)

Hope you enjoy it too!

Peace out!