Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.


A Lesson In Bravery

Nujood Ali aged 10, shown here with her lawyer, Shada Nasser

An avid reader, I tend to read a lot of true stories and biographies. Currently, I’ve picked up the book, I Am Nujodd; 10 and Divorced. It’s the story about a girl, aged 10 who was married and divorced in Yemen. Her age is an estimation due to the lack of registration of births in Yemen; there are some thoughts that she could have been as young as 9. Her mother having given birth to 16 children was, understandably, a little foggy on the exact dates and years for all of her children’s births.

As the story goes, Nujood is promised to an older man (three times her age), whom she refers to as the “monster”. Going back on  his vow to not touch her until she grew older; the youngster was subjected to repeated rapes and abuse. A horrible story, worse yet knowing that it’s a true story. This young heroine ran away to a courthouse one day and in a show of solidarity for her well-being, some of the Yemeni officials sheltered her. A lawyer was provided for her and her divorce was granted.

Unfortunately the only thing that is uncommon Continue reading


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Victims Recruited On Facebook

Using phony identities, victims are often flattered or intrigued into meeting the person that they’re chatting with.

Are you keeping an eye on your kids as they surf the net, tweet on Twitter, post on Tumblr and “poke” their friends on Facebook?

Here are some troubling facts about human trafficking. As a mom with a teenager in the house, I find these facts and figures are staggering and far past troubling. I’ve often thought that if you give your kids enough of the right life lessons at home, while they’re in school AND if you get really lucky, you’ll emerge with a teen that’s kind of got their crap together. When I think of Continue reading

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Relinquishing Control

My posts and the comments of the last few days have got me thinking again as they often do.

Apologies to you all. Fasten your seat belts and put your helmets on, you’re about to be audience to my ramblings once again.

I went back into the days and times, which I don’t like to do, but I feel I must for the sake of this blog and for information’s sake. Always having been a thinker, it’s not surprising I guess. Oh, I just don’t think though, I ponder and then when you think that a matter couldn’t be pondered anymore, then I turn it over again and look at it from another vantage point. I’m a little bit nutty that way. So suffice it to say, that when a decision needs to be made or a thought needs to be voiced Continue reading

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Peering Over The Edge

This thing called empathy is my “dark passenger” to quote “Dexter”. It lies in wait.

I often get msg’d with other people’s thoughts and life stories. And while glad to be someone that can share with others, sometimes it gets heavy. It takes me back. No matter how hard I dig my heels in; it always takes me back into the darkness and holds me there until I’m able to get my footing once again. Never take this as a disparaging note, for without my empathy, I think that my life would be shallow and meaningless in some regard.

This is not a complaint, just an observation of my own self and psyche. When this occurs, it becomes a battle within, one that I often have to step back from to see from an objective point of view. But these sad and despicable things that people do to another person make me physically sick. Emotionally tied up in knots…again. I feel the need to step away from it for a while so I can get my head around it and my foothold again. I’m not complaining; sometimes the need is too great and the problems too grievous to swallow whole. A little space and time is needed. My little meanderings on this blog are just my coping mechanism trying to get my head around stuff. Hopefully the blog can be something that somebody can use to grab hold of and pull themselves up. Something whereby they can find some light of compassion and possibly a glimmer of hope that they can use.

This blog has become my vehicle for the “dark passenger” of my own and hopefully it can be meaningful to others. While the subject matter is heavy and often dark; there is a place for it. Unfortunately. The words are often hard to read and the subject matter is easier to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to. But it’s important to know that abuses and manipulations or whatever darkness you are trying to conquer are all too common. Continue reading


The Silence Deafens

 Bullies really are cowards, preying on the weak,

Making life a misery, for the mild and meek.

Harassing and distressing, thinking it is fun,

No remorse about the pain, that is being done.

Such abuse continues on, especially in the schools,

Bullies reigning terror, ignoring all the rules.

Victims suffer in silence, with threats being incurred,

Fear of retaliation, keeps many cases unheard.

Emotional scarring from torment, they carry through their life,

Painful memories still remain, from bullies running rife.

                          – Bill Hoeneveld

Hold a paper in your hand and crumple it into a ball. The paper represents the victim. Continue reading


Some Stories Must Be Told

Movies are meant to engross, entertain and amuse. Every now and again one comes along that tells the tale in such a way that it provokes you into action or deeper thought. I watched one such movie recently. To be honest, it’s because it’s based on a true story and one that commonly occurs in parts of the world today, that it troubles my mind to think about it.

Forms of punishment and torture are often gruesome, but add to that the indignity and betrayal of an innocent victim with no voice. Please watch this excerpt; and then take the time to watch the entire movie and see if you’re not moved to the point of anger that such punishment is still being practiced in this day and age. Barbaric and torturous are only two of the adjectives that I think of when I see this; in fact I have not been able to watch the entire scene to date.

Be mindful of the fact that this is a man who has started gossip and provided false witness to the fact that his innocent wife has committed adultery. Please take the time to watch the movie; it’s an important message about how those without a voice suffer. It’s easy to think and know that stoning exists, but how many of us actually have seen the horrific actions! This movie does not back away from tackling a problem that exists today; neither should a viewer!

The Stoning of Soraya M.


Embracing Choice

Hello friends, it’s been quite some time since i wrote something a little more personal. Sometimes, it’s easier to write about others and their troubles and remove yourself from the spotlight to regroup. Maybe you won’t want to read, maybe you will. Maybe it’ll mean something to you or maybe it’ll just be the ramblings of some stranger. I happened across this saying on a facebook friend’s status and found myself (internally) pumping fist in the air and shrieking at the top of my lungs (again internally) the words “DAMN STRAIGHT!!” in reaction to the “I Choose” spiel that i had just read. But then, i began to think to myself that there was some sort of cosmic pull or some time shift (sorry, admitted trekkie fan over here) holding me back. Realizing that it was my inner self ruining my “AHA” moment, i felt myself getting superbly pissed of at my overzealous psyche horning in on all those warm and fuzzy feelings. But then, like a punch in the gut, Continue reading