Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

The Exploits and Misadventures of Onion Boy – 05

Protect your heart from a cheat of a spouse or just keep your partner honest.

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The layers of deception run deep; outwardly you would be none the wiser

Random snippets of real life drama with an ex-husband who lived to lie and cheat and cover his tracks and situations where he financially, emotionally and physically abused. As in many things in life, the truth was buried…buried deep within the layers of the infamous cheater who we will call Onion Boy (O.B. for short). We will strip away the layers for all to see the loser is not the victim but the man who believes he can lie so well that he will never be caught…

Enter New Year’s eve 2000, the new millenium, our new start…or so I’d been led to believe.As always, in an attempt to maintain some normalcy and happiness in our lives, I set about planning our annual New Year’s eve party. My ex was to attend for the first time in a few years. I had learned from many disappointments over the years not to get my daughter’s hopes up about her father being involved in any particular event unless he walked through the door, so this was yet another reason why she wasn’t told anything about him coming. Just as a note, she didn’t ask. There were many times that she did but there were many times, more times actually that she didn’t ask. Whether this was her way of dealing with the absence of her father from an early age or simply because he was not involved in her life so she didn’t think of it. (Her art projects always depicted her mother, herself, her cat, sunshine, house and flowers). Where her teachers thought her father was, I have no idea, as he was told of and present at some of the parent/teachers conferences. At least the ones that he wasn’t busy “working” during. Anyway, the party carried on, good food and great company as always. I was surrounded by some very good friends and my daughter had little friends to play with and all was as good as it could be. The night waned on, and I was watching the clock wondering if he was going to show. 11:30 rolled around and I managed to catch him on his cell phone. He explained that he was being followed by his “psycho” mistress and was worried about being followed and having the party disrupted by a scene by her. He assured me that she would get sick of following him around the city and he would be there shortly. Around 12:10 I got a “happy new year’s honey” call from him and that he was very sorry but he had finally gone home to his parents because she had been very persistent in her quest to follow him that evening. I was upset but part of me was just glad to hear from him and know that I was important to him. PFFFT!….Imagine.

It was later that I was enlightened as to the true nature of that little cruise around the city. Apparently Onion Boy had been kicked out (again) by his mistress because she had learned of yet another discretion involving regular mistress #3. She must have been away at the time, for they were highly involved at the time and I’m sure if she was around she would have been questioning him as to why they didn’t have New Year’s plans of their own. Hard to follow??? Try living it. Of course since his new year’s call came in after midnight had struck,  he could have easily plied #3 with the old story that he spent new year’s with his parents because that was the Italian way of doing things….who knows…I sure as hell don’t. So instead he spent the night trying to get back into the house he’d been kicked out of by calling and following mistress #2…and not for the first time, his daughter and I (mostly I was worried about our daughter) took the back seat to yet another drama specially designed by him…good ol’ O.B. Whenever there’s a lie, he’s never far away. The truth is a delicate seed that if not given light will never grow to the surface.

Welcome to my life with Onion Boy! – stay tuned for much more.


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