Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Victoria’s Secret – part 2

Yet another comment from Victoria. We get  another glimpse of how deceptive the man in her life could be. I have the feeling that we still are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Again, I thank Victoria for her comments, they may help someone out there going through a similar experience.

There began the romance, we saw each other every night after work and he would stay till the wee hours of the morning.  The weekends were a different issue, he would drop by Friday evening have dinner with me and take off till Sunday evening when he would show up at dinner time again. He had a weekend job in Stratford where he was doing some type of construction job.  I cannot remember the details.

Four to five weeks after we met in person he explained to me that he was short on his rent payment if I could help him out, He came with me to the bank and got me to give him cash. He was living with his newly windowed mother who was having a hard time with the recent death of his father and did not want to burden her with the fact that the construction jobs one in the city and the other in Stratford had not paid him as yet. So started the beginning of the money scam he would pull on me.

Three weeks later just before Christmas he informed me that the cube van that he drove was taken away by the General Contractor he worked for and the creep had not even paid him for all the work he had done over the last 4 months.  With the holidays fast approaching he need some kind of transportation to finish the job in Stratford so he could get paid and repay me the money he had borrowed from me.  So now he has a brand new Jeep Cherokee with all the bells and whistles which is leased with insurance and payments made by me, but driven only by him.

So lets take stock of my total stupidity.  First saw him last weekend in August…meet in person middle of September. End result by Christmas Eve – in the hole $65,000 dollars. I was now taking care of his rent payments,  his day to day living expenses, paid off his American Express card as they were hounding him. NO we did not want his credit spoiled as we were going to do all these wonderful things together.   It was not like I was rolling in money; I just started taking out loans to pay for everything.

Of course Christmas I was not included, as his family were still grieving over the loss of his father that summer and the breakup of his marriage a year before that. He had given me a home number as I insisted on it and questioned why his mother never answered the phone. His explanation was that she did not speak English and this was his private line. It came as a big surprise when I called one day and this really sexy woman’s voice was at the other end of the phone; she sounded like no ethnic mama. I asked her who she was but she refused to tell me. I left my name with her to give him the message that I called.

Stupid I was, but even I realized something here was wrong. His explanation was that his ex wife had dropped over to see his mother and him,  her Uncle had just had an accident involving a train and died.  For some reason I did not buy this story and insisted on meeting his mother.  He came by the next day and  wanted to return the key to my apartment if I could not trust him and appreciate his mother’s anguish. Smooth move. After a lot of tears, we agreed we would wait till after the holidays to part ways. I on the other hand took off to Vancouver with a girlfriend of mine. In order to assess the situation I was in without him around.

Year 1993, so long ago that most of my memory is starting to fade. I do remember that when I returned from Vancouver I discovered that he had moved his belongings in. This, he assured me, should clear any doubt about his ex wife and mother. So without me realizing it I was living with him.

A little while later I got a call from that same sexy voice that had answered the phone at his home a few months ago. This started the new episode of the ultimate betrayal complete with physical violence…….. and my self destruction.


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