Consistent Uncertainties

Never underestimate your power to heal with a kind smile or hurt with a simple word.

Victoria’s Secret – part 3

Welcome back Victoria! Here’s another glimpse into her nightmare…

…Off to Mexico we go to get away from the Canadian winter, mid march and have a private little wedding ceremony on the beach (not legal of course) but made me feel respectable that I am not living in sin and all doubts about the ex wife coming back go out the window.

While we were enjoying complete and utter romantic bliss we had a little hiccup, he said he needs to talk to his ex wife as she was really upset so I spend half an hour walking the beach at night (how dangerously stupid) to give him some privacy.  On the flight back he explained to me that she would be there at the airport so as to not create a scene, I should go home by taxi alone, he would deal with her and be home soon.  Confused as I was I did as I was told, he showed up a few hours later, stated that he could not explain what was happening but had to leave. I cannot now remember the details but off he went. Of course we went back to the same previous pattern of him coming over every evening staying till 3 or 4am and leaving. The only difference was that I now wore a band on my left hand as did he. He said he would explain everything in good time and for me to trust him.
Then came the phone call from the sexy voice she informed me that she was his wife and pregnant with their first child, to say I was shocked is an understatement, how could she be pregnant when he was living with me? Was he not divorced?  Was he not living with his mom? We both cried she informing me that they had been together for 13 years, high school sweethearts at no time was his mother living there, his father was very much alive, nor was she separated from him except the 3 months he lived with me and told her he was working in Montreal. Very Married
Wow! I was trying to take this all in.  Wife, baby on the way and me unknowingly in the middle.  By now we had bought some lots to build on. I had borrowed money from family, friends and work colleagues to help get the lots; we had already sold the 1st of 5 homes and giddily looked forward to a bright future.  Like everything else the debt was in my name, the construction company was only in his name.  When he came that evening I confronted him and of course I got the line that she was lying to get him back, he had not slept with her but he did acknowledge that the stuff about his mother and father was a lie but he loved me so much that if he had not not lied, I would not have seen him.  Till the very end he maintained he was not living with her and she had only returned that evening when she picked up the phone (just before Christmas).

I wanted out, that’s when the physical violence began the broken bones, the hospital stays and my covering up for him with the police,doctors, family and the rest of the world.  Looking back how did an educated women like myself who was making close to a six figure salary go down this road…..

Luckily I lived to tell my story unlike many others like me who did not.  It was due to the kindness and stubbornness of a police officer who decided he was not going to be present at my funeral.

I never ever did thank him for all his support and the 4 years and countless hospital visits, it took for this officer to get me to see the light and get my life back…..

2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret – part 3

  1. What a story! Only too common. Only one GOOD thing came out of this creep! A beautiful little girl, I call my niece!!!!I only hope all these stories will help her make the right choice when see has choices to make. If you care for her,help in gentle ways. She has one BIG CREEP for a Dad. He is SOO full of himself ,there is NO room for anyone else in the Room!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you are making better choices and can get your life on track too!

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